Clean up your Whiteboard images with Unwhiteboard

Taking notes using your cell phone camera is becoming more and more trendy nowadays. You’ll notice (probably you’re one of them) that at conferences, a class at school or are at meetings, people use their cell phone cameras to take pictures of the presentations. Yes, it’s much faster than actually writing or memorizing all that down hence the pictures.

Those pictures usually turn out blurry, there’s text you can’t properly read. Keeping that factor in mind, we came across an email-based service that helps you clean up those photos. Unwhiteboard is providing free help by turning your whiteboard photos into clean legible pdf documents.


It’s very simple to use. All you need to do is,

  • Snap photos of your whiteboards
  • Email Whiteboard photos to
  • Receive a pdf document containing your cleaned up whiteboard slides

That’s it. Once your email has been sent to you, your photos and the generated pdf are automatically deleted.

Check out Unwhiteboard

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