5 Best Chrome Extensions for Instagram Lovers

Instagram is one of the popular image based social networking application. After Smartphones came into existence, people are so much interested in sharing photos on social networking websites. Instagram does not allow any third party applications to upload the images but many interesting client applications are available for the app. Previously I wrote about an excellent Instagram client for PC to view, download and explore the application. We have a chrome extension to access Instagram feeds from your browser. Also there are few interesting extensions out there to do more with your Instagram application. Today I came with a few of those Chrome extensions for Instagram, lets have a look at those apps below.



Whenever we receive a tweet of an image or a video shared in Instagram, we can only see the link. We have to go and see the image in Instagram’s web interface. InstaTwit combines with your Twitter account and lets you see the images right from your Twitter timeline. Once you add the extension, you can see all the Instragram images and videos on your timeline just like the Twitter’s default image service. Whenever you see a Instagram link, click “Expand” to view the full image on your Twitter timeline just like the default Twitter image sharing service. It is a must have extension for all the Twitter and Instagram lovers.


Zoom Hover

Zoom Hover is an excellent extension for Chrome. Normally we click on the images in our Instagram Timeline to enlarge it. Using this extension you can zoom the images just by hovering over your mouse. So, you don’t need to click and wait for the images to load. Also the default image viewer in Instagram will take you to a new window for full screen view. Using this extension, you can see the full size image with leaving the page.

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One Feed

One Feed is literally an RSS Reader for Chrome. It lets you connect the feeds from different websites and social accounts to your browser. When you install the extension, you can connect all your social accounts and catch up all the updates from a single place. So you can connect your Instagram account with this extension and see all your updates without leaving the browser. Also it brings your cloud data to your browser for easy access. All this information will be available in Chrome’s new tab page for quick access. You can read the full review of this application here



Insta++ is a simple application for Instagram. It brings keyboard shortcuts for accessing your Instagram account. Press “J” to go to the next image, “K” for previous image, “L” to like the current image and “M” to load more photos. Instagram don’t have any shortcuts by default, this extension will speed up your Instagram usage and lets you quickly navigate between the images.


Instagram Download Button

Instead of right click and download, this extension will place a download button in all your Instagram images in the feed. It will be next to the favorite button on the image. You can keep it for personal image collection but make sure you don’t use the image for any commercial purpose without prior permission from the user.


These are the five best applications for Instagram. Please let me know if I’ve missed any of your favorite chrome extensions for Instagram. Try your favorite extensions and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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