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While Facebook and Twitter might be great when it comes to connecting with friends, they do not do a good job of being news sources. Here to fill the news-gap left by these major social networks is a site called Sulia.

Sulia is basically a subject based online social network. The site connects people with like minded tastes and subjects by letting you read news and updates from ‘trusted’ sources. Adding a Sulia user to your trusted list basically translates into viewing their shared news on your main newsfeed. The site also lets users randomly browser for news and updates; alternatively you can narrow down the scope by looking for what is trending or by searching for particular keywords.

To get started, simply visit the Sulia website. The first step will involve signing in to the site. This can be done through your Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or Twitter accounts.

Sulia 1

After you sign in, Sulia quickly shows up a bunch of sources / users that you might want to add to your trusted list. Posts shared / pushed by these users will be available for your reading in the Sulia newsfeed.

Sulia 2

When you are done adding people to your trusted list, you can click on the button that says “I’m done.” This will take you to your main newsfeed. The newsfeed will have updates pushed by your trusted sources along with the ones that are featured by the Sulia website. Each post includes information about how old the post is, the post content, and options to like the post, leave a comment on it, or simply push it – which is the equivalent of sharing it with people who have added you in their trusted sources.

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Sulia 5

The main newsfeed is placed under the ‘Home’ tab on the site with sections dedicated to ‘Featured’ posts and ‘Latest’ posts. A main bar of your favorite topics appears alongside the Home tab thereby enabling you to quickly switch between your favorite news topics.

The site suggests various topics to users based on what kind of news they have already viewed; these topics can be accessed from the dropdown titled ‘Suggested’ on top of the Sulia page.

Sulia 4

While using Sulia, I found the interface to be extremely user friendly and the news given to be very relevant to the topics and interests that I had specified. Anybody looking for a subject-based news source should definitely check out this excellent website.

You can visit Sulia by clicking here.



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