Windows App Music Maker Jam is Now Available for Android

An year before Music Maker Jam was introduced for Windows in the Windows App Store. It looks great in Windows with its Metro UI. This app was actually developed to support touch screen Windows tablets and laptops. Music Maker Jam is now introduced for Android Smartphones and Tablets. The Metro UI of the application is completely customized for the Android app and it looks great in the application.


  Before Smartphones and Tablets were introduced, these sound mixing and Jam were created only by the professionals and people have no idea about how it works but today there are plenty of apps were available to mix sounds and express your own creativity. Music Maker Jam is one such app for Android with awesome features and easy to use UI.


You can download Music Maker Jam for free, from the play store. After you install the app, you have  four different styles of music by default.  Hip Hop, Dance, Electric Jazz and Rock Ballads. Hip Hop will be ready to use and other three you can download it for free. If you want new type of music, there will be a “Styles” category in the app, where you can purchase different premium music styles. Either you can choose a style first or start a project and add different styles to it. To start a project go to “Projects” in the menu bar and tap on “New Project” to create your own music mix.


The only difference between choosing a style and starting a new project is, in projects you’ve to start everything from the scratch. If you are a beginner and  have no idea about where to start, you can pick up a style like Hip Hop or Rock and start customizing it. In both New projects and styles, the options will be available on the top and instruments will be in the bottom. In styles, there will be default songs and music. You can choose the song parts, loops and music from different instruments.

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The options are really easy to understand and it is your creativity to mix different music and bring the best out of it. The app will automatically open in landscape mode, which will be convenient to use the options. Once you are ready, tap the record button on the menu bar and start playing the mix. Again tap the button to stop recording  and save your file. So you can mix songs to match different moods and listen to them when you jog, workout, travel, etc.


Music Maker Jam is a simple app and fun to work with. This app will look great in Android phones which have larger screen and especially in the Tablets. So download and try this on your Android device and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends. Download Music Maker Jam for Android



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