Fix Low Hard Drive Windows Experience Index (WEI) Score in Windows 7

Windows Experience Index Windows 7

Windows 7 is more or less like windows vista and many feature of vista has been extended to windows 7 like windows experience index to assess your hardware and system component. Based on Windows Experience Index (WEI) score many feature of Windows 7 are enable or disabled.

Even one of best windows 7 Aero glass effect is enabled only if your WEI score is more then 3. Many users have reported that after upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 7 their Hard Drive score is drastically lowered then they had on windows vista. Here is quick fix to resolved Low Hard drive Windows Experience Index score.

Fix Low Hard drive Windows Experience Index Score/Rating on Windows 7

1. Right Click on My Computer and Select Properties from context menu.

2. Select Device manager from left pan

3. Locate your Primary Disk Drive and right click select Properties

4. Now Uncheck Enable Write Caching on Drive and Press ok

Windows 7 Enable Write Caching on Drive

5. re-run your Windows Experience Index

This should fix your low hard drive score on Windows Experience Index.

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17 thoughts on “Fix Low Hard Drive Windows Experience Index (WEI) Score in Windows 7”

  1. Thanks for this tip. It changed my Windows 7 score for my brand new hard drive from a somewhat worrying 2.9 to a 5.9. That’s quite a jump.

  2. I can’t refresh and update my score in windows experience index (WEI).
    what is the solution from my problem??
    just now, I have install windows 7 and also have update ATI radeon in my laptop, but the WEI can’t be change,it only 1.0..

  3. onemore
    I can’t find Primary Disk Drive after Select Device manager.
    I’m so sorry if my language is not too good
    I’m still learn English

  4. I originally had 5.9 for my hard drive, I unchecked the box and still the same 5.9
    Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200.11 32 MB BUFFER
    Can’t go any higher than that?

  5. the same is happening to me I have two velocity raptor in raid 0 and I am getting 5.9 for the hard drive. I hope microsoft fix that problem

  6. I have 2 raptors in raid 0 on one of my PCs with Vista 32 bit the HD sored 5.9, on Windows7 64 bit the HD scored 6.1

  7. Mine is 5.9 too with seagate 146 GB 15K rpm on windows 7 64 bit (same score with/without checking “enable write cache”).

  8.  Keep in mind that Windows Vista will only have a maximum score of 5.9. Windows 7 bumps that WEI score up to 7.9.

  9. Keep in mine that my SSD drives are faster than your hard drives… At least OCZ gave me stickers that say that… I have two OCZ vertex 3 drives in raid 0 that are getting 7.4 rating in windows 8 developer preview?

  10. Rotary hard disks will NOT test above 5.9 in WEI.  Only SSD drives will go above 5.9

  11.  No. It depends on the Drivers, windows uses the default ones.
    I installed the ATI Raid and SB (two seperate downloads on there web site and updated with every update 12.4 latest). My scores went from a 5.9 to 7.1 using SATA 3.0 WD drives 500MB.

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