Download 22 Fresh New Windows 7 Themes

Windows 7 Themes

Windows 7 Beta 1 is released now and first thing which you may want to do after installing Windows 7 beta 1 is to change Windows 7 themes. We had posted the trick to get Windows 7 hidden themes which are basically country based Windows 7 themes and will be activated when you are user from those country.

By unlocking hidden windows 7 themes you can have 5 default themes + 5 hidden Windows 7 themes so total 10 windows 7 themes. The number 10 looks little small one and I am sure not all users will be happy with this default Windows 7 themes, well then don’t worry ithinkdiff.com had got 22 cool windows 7 themes for you which are absolutely free for download. Click on any windows 7 theme to download and install.

Download Windows 7 Themes

Aluminium Apple Artistic Conception Earth Space Earth Ether Reality Fields Grass Homer and a Donut Inc(RED)ible Leopard Aurora PDC Blue Snake Spaghetti Junction Streams of Light Sunset Beach Team Fortress 2 The Lookout Tiger Aqua Blue Time Machine War and Peace

Don’t bother to run any of these Windows 7 Themes on Windows XP or Windows Vista as none of this theme will ever work.

Download Windows 7 themes from ithinkdiff.com

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16 thoughts on “Download 22 Fresh New Windows 7 Themes”

  1. some of the themes posted are actually dead, or linking to the pictures .png file only! Artistic and Conception can’t be downloaded, whereas leopard aurora and PCD blue are links to the .png file! =/

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