APD – Offline Android SDK Installer for Windows

Android SDK to develop applications, games and tools for Android OS based phones is available for free to download for most operating system such as Windows, Mac & Linux. Every time new version of Android OS is released, the corresponding Android SDK consisting of development tools, emulator & sample projects with source code is released at developer.android.com.

Though its not complicated to install and configure SDK but incase if you want to install on multiple machines then there is no simple way then manually downloading SDK on each machine and installing. Also needs manual upgrades to new SDK version which is quite laborious work. To help you with multiple installation of Android SDK that too in offline mode here is Android Offline SDK Installer (APD).

Here are the features of Android Offline SDK Installer

1. Download Android SDK packages locally

2. Selectively download packages

3. Install packages as many times as you want without connecting to the web

4. Copy the offline files and deploy on other machines

APD – Android Offline SDK Installer allows you to either download packages from the web for offline installations or select pre downloaded offline packages.

If you select download packages from web option you will be provided with list of available Android SDK packages list you can select one or more packages, click on next button will ask you to select the folder to save the files.

Download Android Offline SDK Installer Beta.

Please Note: You must have .Net Framework 2.0 or above installed on your machine.

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