Download Windows 7 Service Pack 1 VHD Image for Free

Periodically Microsoft releases the virtual images for the major service pack or OS release. Like at the time of Windows 7 release Microsoft had provided Windows 7 VHD image of Microsoft Virtual PC. The reason of providing VHD images is to help developers to test their applications or websites on different version of internet explorer supplied with each OS.

It has been four months since Windows 7 Service Pack 1 released and today Microsoft has released first VHD image of Windows 7 SP1 along with Windows Vista Sp2 and XP sp3 VHD images. The images are patched with the latest security updates and are otherwise clean installs of the operating system with very few modifications.

VPC images of Windows 7 SP1 are available for download for free at Microsoft download center without any modification. Due to the size of the Windows 7 and Windows Vista VHDs, it is split across several zip files, you’ll need to download all files and uncompress them to the same directory to unpack the VHD file.

You must understand that you will still require activation key and VHD doesn’t pass genuine validation, you may rearm (type slmgr –rearm at the command prompt) which will extend the trial for another 30 days. The login user of Windows 7 Sp1 VHD is password protected with “Password1” as password.

Download Windows 7 SP1 VHD Image Files.

You can download latest version of virtual PC from here.

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1 thought on “Download Windows 7 Service Pack 1 VHD Image for Free”

  1. Hi, as I needed one image for repair purposes: These downloadable VHD images from MS are obviously “timebombed” Trialversions and therefor no longer usable for any kind of productivity (all have expired meanwhile, can only be started in basic safemode w/o network). For XP, there is a VirtualXPMode still available.

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