Unlock Locked Protected .RAR & SFX Archive files with WinRAR Unlock

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When it comes to file compression and archiving WinRAR is best software available for us. Winrar has many useful features as compare to any other compression tools. Winrar supports different compression level, auto extracting archive files, password protection and encrypted archive files as well as Locked and Protected .rar and sfx files. All this features are definitely very useful for any one.

Winrar supports locking of RAR and SFX executable archive files to protect from any modification or change. Such locked .rar files can’t be modified by any one apart from creator of that archive files. However Winrar locking algorithm is not foolproof and here is way to unlock all such locked Winrar archive files. WinRAR Unlock is small utility which lets you to easily unlock Winrar RAR archive files.

Winrar Unlock, Unlocks rar file by just patching few bytes of rar and sfx files. Winrar Unlock doesn’t require any installation just download and start unlocking WinRAR archive files.

Screenshot of WinRAR Unlock v1.1

WinRAR Unlock 1.1

Download Freeware WinRAR Unlock v1.1 (winrar_unlock.zip) to unlock lock and protected Winrar archive files.

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14 thoughts on “Unlock Locked Protected .RAR & SFX Archive files with WinRAR Unlock”

  1. Forgot RAR password? I think the best way is get a rar password recovery,which can recover rar password to open and extract files from the rar folder. and i have used this one:RAR Password Recovery 5.0,This software is easy to install and easy to use. All you need to do to recover your password is just to drag and drop your file to the program window. Dictionary attack supports ‘mistypes’ and additional user dictionaries

  2. this program only unlocks RAR files which are locked for modification, not for unlocking passwords… you cant bypass passwords within a second, not if you’re an expert or something… so i say this is useful and working, i just compressed a 9Gig RAR file into several parts…

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