10 Best Google Android G1 Phone Wallpapers (Download Now)

Android Wallpaper

Google Android G1 phone is still trying to get attention from mobile phone users. One foremost problem with G1 phone is availability of good freeware apps. Every now and then users searching applications like antivirus, media player, and PDF readers for G1 Phone.

It’s just a matter of time and G1 phone will have all such application like iPhone users enjoying now. Wallpapers help you to spice-up your phone. Fortunately there are several websites which lets you to download free wallpapers for Google Android G1 Phone. We have collected some best Wallpapers for Google Android G1 Phone.

10 Best Google Android Wallpapers for G1 Phone

Official Android Wallpaper

Official Android Wallpaper

Default Android Wallpaper


Dream Forest




Android Background


Android Blue lake


Abstract Earth Tree City


Android Universe


Fairy Tree


The Steamy Seas


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9 thoughts on “10 Best Google Android G1 Phone Wallpapers (Download Now)”

  1. rochelle odoms

    I think this is a real cool phone but it stinks when it comes to downloading disney characters I m a no 1 mickey mouse fan is there any other way to get mickey mouse

  2. I want to use my own pictures that I have but they always appear to big and don’t fit the screen size but can’t adjust them and they don’t adjust automatically , I also have problems with downloading things the phone won’t accept them hope u can help thanks x

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