Fix Windows 7 Hibernate Issue When You Log on to Resume Computer

Windows 7 HibernateThough Windows 7 is up to users expectation and not bloated like its predecessor Windows Vista which was full of issues and bugs, but still it does have some quite annoying bugs for which Microsoft has been issuing hotfixes.

In past we had covered hotfix issued for Windows 7 Hibernation internal power error and now here is yet another issue in Windows 7 hibernate, the computer screen dims after you log on to resume a computer from hibernation in Windows 7. As per Microsoft KB982635 knowledge base article the issue affects to both Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit edition.

Fortunately for this issue hotfix is already available and you can download Fix317760 using below link to fix the issue. The same fix will also be available in Windows 7 Sp1 which is expected to release by end of 2010.

Download FIX317706 for Windows 7 Hibernation issue.

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