Google Voice Open For Sign-Up

Googel Voice open to public

Google Voice is open to everyone, finally.  Google Voice, which was formally Grand Central, is now open for public sign-ups.  This great web-based communications platform from Google, has been a big success.  Anyone who signs up for Google’s web-based phone management service, gets their own unique phone number.  The service is was intended to roll all of your phones into one number that would ring on any or all of your specified phones.  Google Voice also gives you a new voicemail service, that works like email.  Any message would be translated into text, and sent to you to read on the go.  Not only that Google Voice also gives you free SMS service that can be accessed from the web, enabling you to read text messages on your web browser.

For a while now, Google Voice invites were not that hard to come by, each users was issued a few invites to pass out.  Now Google must feel that the service is ready for mass consumption, I have a feeling that it will become twice as popular now that it’s open to everyone.  If you own a Android phone, then you can checkout the Google Voice App, which is very cool.  It has a lot of nice integrated features.  Other mobile devices can access Google Voice at in your mobile browser.  I’m sure now that Google Voice is out of beta, we will see some new features, as of right now it’s a very complete experience.

If you are interested in signing up, head over to and sign-up.  As of right now it is only available to people in the US.

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Google Voice Sign-up

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