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  • Mo

    For iPhone 3G 3.0… Does it include Cydia?

  • TH

    Sorry but I’m confused.

    I’m an iPhone 2G user on Windows, how do I use the Custom Firmware (ipsw) 3.0 to jailbreak my iPhone? You said “You Must pwn your iPhone 2G 3.0 with PwnageTool 3.0”, which is not available on Windows.

  • jonathan

    error when trying to install custom formware os 3 on an iphone 3g .. itunes launch an error number 1604

  • -You Must pwn your iPhone 2G 3.0 with PwnageTool 3.0?

    How to pwn my iphone with PwnageTool 3.0 if i am windows user?

  • ali

    i get error 1600. tried everything…used different PCs, operating systems. reinstalled itunes…waste my god damn 3 hours trying to get this crap installed. did NOT work. dont download this. just wait for quickpawn 3.0

  • Mike Jones

    From researching other guides concerning past versions of PwnageTool, is it true that you just have to put your iPhone in DFU mode, have iTunes detect it, hold shift + click restore, choose the downloaded custom firmware.. and then finally let it do its thing? That’s my understanding, but as of right now.. I’m not willing to take the risk due to the fact that I’m not sure and don’t know how legit these .ipsw files are!

  • Muzaher

    If u have a iPhone 2g which is already unlocked with previous firmware then i think u just have to download the custom firmware and install on ur iPhone .It worked for me.

  • studio6t9

    Same error 1600 :(

  • Medz

    Hi, why do you still need to mention this for iPhone 2g users? -> “You Must pwn your iPhone 2G 3.0 with PwnageTool 3.0?

    You don’t need PwnageTool for the 2g right? You only need to download the custom firmware, put your iPhone in DFU mode and hold shift-restore choosing the downloaded 2g custom firmware. Can you confirm if this is correct? The additional note makes is holding me up from updating. Thanks.

  • Zac

    OK TO FIX HERRE WE DOWNLLOAD QUICKPWNRC3 and also firmware 2.0.2 then use quickpwn all the way though until u get a white screen unplug from there quit and go to itunes and restore with CUSTOM firmware.

    worked for me :]

  • Mike

    People, DFU mode doesn’t work, so try in RECOVERY MODE. For me it worked

  • pranav

    use custom firmware only if u have previusly pwned ur phone.
    error 1600 comes only whn u havent pwned ur phone

  • Dave

    Pardon me if this sounds stupid but if I apply this custom firmware to my ipod touch 1G on mac, will it still work when I connect the iTouch to a Windows PC?

  • Fabian

    My iphone is pwned before but i also got the 1600, then i got it out of dfu mode by restarting it (holding home and power button for 10 sec) and then i just restored from the custom 3.0 firmware.
    In short: I just restored from the custom firmware, not in dfu mode.
    I have an iphone 2g

  • Kevin T.

    I have iphone 2g with 2.2.1 I am using a windows and I jailbroke and unlocked my iphone 2.2.1 from quickpwn on windows. CAN I USE THIS CUSTOM FIRMWARE ON MY WINDOWS COMPUTER?

  • steve

    Hy it worked for my ipod 1g but, the cydia didnt work (load time falure) ,
    then i accidentely deleted the saurus source.
    How can i get the saurus source back ??
    Please help

  • nirceu

    what about Mobile instalation patch? can u load any cracked IPA?

  • paul

    it seemed like forever waiting for 2.2.1 now we have 3.0 we can wait a little longer i think the dev-team did a hell of a job THANKS GUYS!

  • Qimzer

    Hi .. ryt not my firmware is 2.2.1 n im thinking to upgrade to 3.0. the firmware 3.0 by dev-team is it the final firmware 3.0 GM ? can i d.l crack apps / games from appulous ?

  • Dacore270

    Can someone make me a custom firmware of the 3.0 for the Ipod Touch 2g, with a 1gb system folder?


  • Babar Jhumra

    I did the update from 2.1 to 3.0 as explained above – using the custom ipsw and it worked amazingly well for me!! Simple, easy and straight-forward!!

    Thank you people!!

  • Peter Boodts

    Hi, I have a custom 3.0 ipsw on my desktop, after putting my iPhone in DFU mode I get the iTunes screen where I can restore, but even with hitting option-shift it won’t let me cnavigate to the ipsw file on my desktop. it just starts to restore with a progressbar but I guess not the richt restorefile because afterwards iTunes states that the simcard is not compatible.

    Help ! Peter

  • Fonz

    Did not work for me either in DFU or recovery. Same error codes as explained throughout the blog.

  • Aamir

    same error 1600 .. any solutions.. read somwhere tht itl work after rebooting pc styll didnt work… NEED HELP.. can sum1 giv a website where i can download the custom firware… i hav tried 2 websites n both give the same error..

  • Aamir

    @mike … how do u get it in recovery mode.. ??

  • JustinK

    WORKED JUST BY RESTORING !)) 100% glitch free!! 3.0 pwns!!

  • john

    what the differents between custom & not custom?

  • robby

    restoring with this ipsw worked fine but when i installed mipatch for my cracked apps my phone went haywire, now i can not get it to restart, it acts like it is going to power on but then just goes black.

  • victor

    i have iphone 3g 16g with firmawer 2.30.03, so i cant jailbreak it is possible to help me

  • Andrzej

    Link for iPod Touch 1GEN doesn’t working. Reup please.

  • Chamreun

    Hi expert,

    I have upgraded my iphone 3G to OS3, jailbreak and unlocked and it working well. Later on I have Reset (Errase all) and after that my iphone cannot be boot up anymore. Could anyone help me please?

  • Indraneel

    I succesfullt upgraded my Iphone 2g 2.1 to 3.0 from the custom firmware. It took me hardly half hour to complete the whole process. I put my phone on the recovery mode then itunes detected it in recovery mode , then i pressed shift and restore and i was home.

  • suhaas

    when i download the file and unzip it
    it becomes a folder.
    and then when i run it thru redsnow it says cant recognise it

  • Yazzz


    i am searching a Custom Firmware with ( Ultrasn0w + Openssh + SBSetting )
    some one can Help me PLZ

  • Bobby

    Custom Firmware (ipsw) For iPod Touch 1st Gen 3.0
    Link down :(

    New up?

  • mike

    I have a 3gs with 3.0.1 firmware installed. How do i get 3.0 back on my iphone so i can jailbreak and ad cydia?

  • mmmm

    what is errore (10)

  • azli

    when i download the file and unzip it
    it becomes a folder.
    and then when i run it thru redsnow it says cant recognise it.. pls help

  • azli

    after i download file and unzip it, it turn to folder.how to turn it to ipsw format?.. pls help

  • Adj

    Works well installing in recovery mode on a 2g iphone already jailbroken

  • hebooz

    hi ,,im just done installing the Jailbreak but its downgrade me to the 3.0 !!! i was 3.0.1

  • matt

    I had a legit 2g with a legit 3.1 firmware.

    1. used redsn0w to install 3.0 firmware and jailbroke it.
    2. then i installed this one in restore mode
    3. now it is unlocked and jailbroke
    4. bought a 10 cent a minute pay as you go tmobile sim

    my att contract is up and i put the tmobile sim along w/ skype.

    good to go … Thanks so much!

  • hello very good guide and resource….

    Please sire help me currently my condition is i have iphone 2g with V3.0

    and it stop boot up, it just showing apple log and i have to restore it by itune in recovery mode…

    Please tell me should i use original ipsw file or this custom one?

  • Zrczrcz

    rename the original .zip to .ipsw

  • Kk391676

    how do i put 3.01 or 4.0 software on my 1st generation itouch please please help me it is driving me carzy that i cant do it please email me back at kk391676@gmail.com

  • Ali

    great tools thanks

  • Farhan

    can anyone help me, my 3g iphone showing usb wire picuter , i try meny time updat but still showing same pic. and one error 1042

  • Farhan

    error display(The iphone could not be restored, An unknown error occred 1015)

  • Bambam3100

    can  u update links

  • Unfortunately its not possible to have new links. You may try looking for custom firmware on other websites.

  • Eric_keck