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  • Tharon

    This only works with the 7000 build.
    Is it any posibilities to make it work on build 7022?


    There is a 7022 hack here:

    I am actually looking for one that will work on the latest build 7048 (x64 or x86 I do not care which one)

    Is there a general instructions page to hack the termsrv.dll file?

    MS really needs to enable concurrent sessions natively!

  • Tharon

    Thanks GAVJC

    I’d already found it several days ago, and forgot about this thread.

    I’m also looking for the 7048 version.
    And if possibly an how-to hack termsrv.dll


    Yeah… they came out with the 7022 version within days of the release, i wonder why they arent doing the same with the 7048. Someone obviously knows how to hack these files, i just wish that there was a general how-to like yorself

  • Jahglory

    Any news about a hack for build 7057 ?

  • Joe

    Has anyone seen this patch for 7048 or 7057??


    when I have time, I am tempted to look into the hex code for the original and hacked 7022 termsrv.dll files and see if I can make any headway myself into this. I think I would probably mess things up more than fix em, and the RC is going to officially be released any day now so it doesn’t really matter if I can have a concurrent sessions hack working for a month. I will just stick to 7022 until either someone comes out with a new one.

  • Tharon

    A hack for windows 7 build 7057 x86 can be found here:

    But now that build 7068 is the newest compilation, this is more or less old news. hehe

  • Mike

    I’d love to see this for Win7 RTM now that it’s out.

  • Yeah a hack for the RTM dlls would be lovely…

  • Mike

    I followed the instructions in Gavjc’s link and it worked beautifully for Windows 7 RTM 64-bit.

    Just hex edit your current termsrv.dll file as described in the above link and use install.cmd to install it. (You’ll have to modify install.cmd to ignore the OS version checks.)

    Very cool!

  • Stephen

    Concur with Robbo. Just followed the same instructions for x86 and it worked fine!

  • Tharon
  • mandg

    Has anybody seen a version of this dll for Windows 7 Enterprise (x64) yet?

  • Mike

    Windows 7 Enterprise (Server 2008) already has this feature. It’s called terminal services; just enable it.

    If you’re referring to Windows 7 Ultimate x64, then look at the links above.

  • mwil

    MANDG: fyi, there is a version called “Windows 7 Enterprise” and that is NOT “Windows Server 2008 R2”.

  • Asid

    Zip file download is dead link…?

  • lowerpower

    Awesome hack, been using it with Yoics to remotely access our home machine without having to worry about kicking my wife off.

  • Any update on this? Not supported by Windows 7 SP1 (RTM), so it’s quickly losing validity… any tips on how to patch it manually? I really hate dropping generic-boxed-versions of files into my system, much rather patch it myself… :/

  • jyp

    Does anyone have tested this with the Win7 SP1?

  • sdjensen

    I would so love to have a fix for this for Windows 7 SP1…..

  • Xao

    didn`t work!

  • user

    totally stoped all remote desktop conetions…. 4 me cant even use 1

  • 1 tHz

    If you logon then Lock the computer another user can logon and you are still logged on.
    Works great for me testing my Power User versus my Admin login.

  • Carl Hanson

    I changed the first 3 lines in the script as follows and it seems to be working ok for me….

    SET WINVER=Windows 7 Build 7601
    SET PRODUCTNAME=”Windows 7 Enterprise”

  • Temp411

     this broke my RDP, too!!!! how do i fix it? horrible script.

  • temp411

    i installed tightvnc server and seemed to get my RDP back… MS RDP. oye!

  • Jamal_sradwan

    copy this file from another machine %SystemRoot%System32termsrv.dll
    this should fix your problem

  • lordrt

    I’ve never seen the message shown above whenever I connected to a RDP session on a WIn 7 machines, even when another user is logged on, it just closes the previous session and automatically logs in with the new user

  • Jan

    @google-be19d734a8cc45b660f672bccf8385cb:disqus nope didn’t at least for me

  • Jan

    nope didn’t at least for me

  • The download link Broken !!!
    Please fix that :)

  • Max

    The download-link is broken. 404 Not found.

  • anonimus pospolitus


  • Przemek D?browski

    I have windows7 professional and I patched termsrv.dll, but after then RDP client trying to connect with remote PC and in same time automatically disconnecting. Could you please help: