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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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19 Responses to Fix Windows Installer, Explorer, Update Has Stopped Working in Windows 7

  • zitropink says:

    I’m having a problem with this everytime I bootup or restart, it always appear, how can I make it disappear? [.ShellClassInfo]

  • Mehmet YIGILI says:

    Thank man, i did the 1st method.. i wish i’d not seen it again..

  • John says:

    whenever i try to few some files in d folder it just flashes dis message now & den. & it restarts d dsktop. Hence I cannot view half my files in computer. PLs help me.

  • Frank Louvis says:

    I used the second method; it worked like a charm. Thanks!

  • scttlry05 says:

    I laready did whay you said but i’m still getting the error.

  • Mickzdaman says:

    i have just had windows 7 and the first time i rebooted to complete the install of antivirus and such like progs, i got this message” access violation at address 7545135D in module ‘kernel32.dll’. write of address 00000004″ now i cannot use any progs or anything. can anyone pls tell me whats going on? I am not pc illiterate, but this is way beyond me. it could be something to do with windows installer, but i still wouldnt know how to fix it. ideas please???

  • Brij Patel says:

    whenever i try to install something the error says that windows installer is not installed properly or it can’t access it!! i am confused!!

  • Brij Patel says:

    i can’t acess gpedit.msc!!

  • Pete says:

    i cant delete from reg, and i get an active x error when i do method 2. I cannot install any programs, and a lot of my windows become unresponsive. I am running Win7 ultimate on a custom machine, just built it in Nov. 2010. Haven’t had any problems untill a month ago. I have regcleaner program, i have run it, i have run AVG full scan, and I have even done some “ad fix programs” never bought any of them though. What can I do?

  • karthik says:

    i followed the steps as shown in the pictures.
    In first method , should i delete the file (Default) Reg_SZ
    or will there be anything extra t delete

    In second method, i could not find customer experience improvement program.

    Please help me

  • Auskyking says:

    No kidding – I just did this after a month of pulling out my hair with a new HP desktop with Windows 7 and IE9 but FINALLY got it working. I tried every other option I could find on the internet…disabling add-ons, removing the IE9 update, etc. I got this from a computer guy in the USAF AND IT WORKED!!!

    He said it is a problem with the embedded PDF in IE. Remove any and all PDF programs from your computer using “Control Panel/Programs/Uninstall a Program. Then Google or Bing “Adobe Reader 9.4.7 MUI” (I got that from my wife’s laptop with W7/IE9 that doesn’t have the same problem) and download/install it for free.

    That’s what worked for me on 1/11/2012…good luck!

  • Baum07 says:

    Wow. I just have used explorer for 30 mins. far nothing has happened. I followed Method. 2 . I guess it works .Thanks :)

  • Henty says:

    cool, just tried moethod 2and it works, thxa lot!

  • Dan says:

    Kudos Auskyking to your Air Force IT friend, I’m in IT and I’ve been searching forever for a solution, hats off to him :) and thanks for posting

  • User says:

    Method 2 worked for me.Thanks

  • B Wag says:

    This just worked for me after SEVERAL attempts of other things. Thank you so much for posting this!!

  • denny says:

    FYI: Reg cleaner is just pretty much a scam. I bought it but it never ever did ANY thing good for me at all, but they did refund w/o any hassle tho!