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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • EDY


  • vibas

    hello I am vibas I want to have windows 7 skin in my xp
    so plz send me for free plz

  • Exodus

    While the functionality is neat I have a BIG gripe. I ran a full scan on my pc last night and it found 2 trojans that were embedded within the skin pack. Is this a false positive or are you pushing infected files?

  • ant

    has anyone have problem with booting up after install? i did what the instructions said and my machine keeps looping at start up safe mode of last good start up ect…. screen does anyone no about this or why???????

  • Wow! I like the style of that Windows 7… I want to upgrade my Windows XP… I thought I can download that here… Where can I get it? Please help.. Thank you…

  • ohasd

    Man how i uninstall it?

  • karol

    i have the same problem like ANT. I cant boot to system after installing this crap!! Is there any solution for that? I cant even use the safe mode or anything. Pliz help me!

  • wooow

  • Pi Lee

    How do you uninstall it ?????

  • Damian

    can someone help me, my system cant boot after installing ,i have important files on my computer….plz help

  • nguyen van loi

    i have the same problem like ANT.
    what can i do now?

  • Ken

    I have the same problem, my system cant boot after installing.
    What’s the way forward??

  • Drew

    I’ll Download this but I will not install untill we get an answere I dont want to jack up my computer anymore than it already is.

  • ab-d

    hey guys, o have the same problem…
    i can’t come in..
    but when i restart my com, i click on f8,
    den i go in (danish: Fejlsikred tilstand)(dont know what its name is on english)
    then i go in and restart, and it workt again…
    but i cant uninstall my skin, can someone help ?
    ps. srry for my bad english

  • Ile

    Wow This is Soo cool .. I put Window 7 in my computer and evrithing i transform and look soo cool ..

  • Jordy

    Greetings dear people,

    I’ve tested this version of Windows 7, and it works totally fine.

    The only thing that doesn’t work on my computer is the Sidebar, but you’re able to download it from another website.

    I’d like to ask the creator of this skin/theme for a good sidebar download.

    Avg 09 Purchased version detects NO virusses at all.

    100% Safe and clean!!

    ~Cheers, Jordy.

  • Harrvinder

    i am downloading this but after reading the comments above ..i am in dilema that whether i should go for the installation or not…..some says that they got sone booting problem….please suggest me ..should i go ahead with the insatllation or not.?

  • charlie


    This will stop windows from booting, im not sure if it contains a virus or just corrupts vital windows files but just don’t risk it. Some of these people have it working but I would’nt risk it. I am going to have to buy another copy of windows, install it onto another hard drive then reformat the tampered one. Which is a pain in the arse !

  • Drew

    If you want your windows Xp to look better I just say Download the Icon pack for windows 7 and the task bar. because this WILL jack up your system if you don’t have the right recovery tools and it WILL slow down your CPU “Big Time”

  • urdad

    do not download .it corrupts all your old files.

  • mayank

    it is good if u have more then 3 gb ram
    if not then your comp will become tortoise

  • plz help me how i window7 skin downlod it

  • vask

    after installation and restart my computer not start the start screen, the computer restarts windows but stops again

  • simon

    hi all marijuana I have also had the problem but nothing else to do in restarting the computer network.

  • hi guys
    if the creator can get a solution to all the problems up
    then i will surely download it
    else for get about it
    the chump creator

  • Su

    hi can you help me how to downlaod the windows xp to windows 7

  • Chongli77

    if it good,i like. if it bad, i hate it soo much

  • 4k2bjan

    its not good if we need 3gb ram….tsk!!!

  • René

    how to get rid of this pc is F*cked up….I can’t get it off..

  • abhishek

    its good download it .it also alows gta san anderase to play

  • abhishek

    its good download it .it also alows gta san anderase to play

  • divyash

    i cant able to download


    WHAT A FUCKING THING IS THIS?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • GuessWho

    install.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command ,operable program or batch file . why she say this :(( ?

  • Aksen Indonesia

    wow I Like this, nice share :D

  • I like the style of that Windows 7… I want to upgrade my Windows Vista… I thought I can download that here… Where can I get it? Thank you…

  • Ravi 8053457009

    very good seven skin pack

  • Chugh1997

    if it transfer i love it if not then i donot like it

  • Donny


  • Gouthem97

    this is not good you should not use this

  • Gouthem97

    potta pasangalla itha use panathinga

  • Kyunghwansul

    Please update to easy to use…

  • Abdulbasir

    its amazing but where is the download 

  • Playboy


  • Playboy

    fuck ass hole mouth and use it

  • Asda

    saya se7

  • Pcsbutor

    Separation of the program for the whole fucked XP. Now, can I apply armor all of it again. Fuck it.Húzd a faszodra a programodat!!!Szét baszta a program az egész XP-t. Most rakhatom újra az egészet. Bazd meg.

  • Crystal


  • Robert Maric

     if you want to get rid of it just go to windows and delete this folder
    Seven Skin Pack 2.0

  • najam

    this is ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssh

  • how to download window 7 ultimate

  • sudarshan

    how to formating windows xp,plz send to information my email id.