Make Your Windows XP Look like Vista & Windows 7 with EuMAX Sev7n Inspirat Pack

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Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 has got definitely outstanding Graphical User Interface (GUI), look and feel. It’s not surprising to see many users expect to have Windows Vista and windows 7 like look and interface to Windows XP.

For those users here is EuMAX Sev7n Inspirat Pack which allows the users to transform Windows XP interface into a Windows Vista and Windows 7 Interface. It also provides a nice clean interface to drop shortcuts on for easy access and organization. With each item completely customizable there is no end to what you can add and launch from the dock.

Screenshots of EuMAX Sev7n Inspirat Pack for Windows XP in action

EuMAX Sev7n Inspirat Pack 1.0

EuMAX Sev7n Inspirat pack 1.0 Style

In order to install EuMAX Sev7n Inspirit Pack you need to have .Net framework and Unlocked UxTheme.dll.

Download EuMAX Sev7n Inspirit Pack 1.0 for Windows XP.

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6 thoughts on “Make Your Windows XP Look like Vista & Windows 7 with EuMAX Sev7n Inspirat Pack”

  1. Thanks for this great article. In addition, the best other guides for XP to Windows 7 Transformation i’ve ever known on WinMatrix for every Windows XP user (thanks to amirz):


    You can find and download many cool stuffs + even some port apps and guides/links there to totally transform and enhance XP like Windows Vista or Windows 7 for free, in both GUI and feature/function! Just FYI. Thanks.

    Long live XP!

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