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Most of the time whenever you download subtitles for any movie or video it will be the format .srt which is supported by most video players but it may happen that subtitle of your favorite movie will be in some other format and you find it it’s not supported by video player.

In such cases Easy Subtitle Converter can become handy. This program can be used to convert subtitle files form one format to other format. Easy Subtitle Converter automatically detects the subtitles type and, if necessary, takes FPS from the movie.

Supported formats

MPL2, SubRipper, TMPlayer, MicroDVD, Dual

Can convert to following formats

Cheetah, TurboTitler, ViPlay, SubViewer1, SubViewer2, Dual, ZeroG, StreamSubTextPlayer, StreamSubTextScript, SAMI, AdvancedSSA, MacSub, AQTitle, UleadDVDWorkshop2.

Easy Subtitle Converter

Easy Subtitle Converter

Download Easy Subtitle Converter 1.0.

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