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Early this month on 9th September Apple had released iTunes 9 along with iPhone OS 3.0. Now here is update for iTunes 9. The update is only meant to fix the bugs of iTunes 9 The newest version is now iTunes 9.0.1 and available for download from apple website.

You can update to iTunes 9.0.1, Mac users can go to Software Update and install it. Windows users have to open iTunes and click Help – > Check for Updates. Below is list of bug fixes in iTunes 9.0.1

iTunes 9.0.1 Bug Fixes List

1. Resolves issues browsing the iTunes Store.

2. Addresses a performance issue where iTunes may become unresponsive.

3. Fixes a problem where iTunes may unexpectedly quit.

4. Fixes a problem syncing Podcasts in playlists to iPod or iPhone.

5. Fixes a problem sorting albums with multiple discs.

6. Addresses an issue with the Zoom button not switching to Mini Player.

7. Improves application syncing for iPod touch and iPhone.

8. Genius is now automatically updated to show Genius Mixes.

iTunes 9.0.1

Download iTunes 9.0.1 (Direct Download Links)

Download iTunes 9.0.1 for Mac

Download iTunes 9.0.1 for Windows

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