Lock CD/DVD Disc Data to Prevent Disc Copying or Data Extraction

Lock CD-DVD Disc Data

How many times you have felt to lock your CD/DVD Disc Data to prevent from other reading your disc or copying disc content? I am sure it will quite few times. None of the popular cd-dvd burning software provides any such feature.

Here is SS Power Disc Lock freeware tool which provides number of useful features like Anti Copying Data From Disc., burn CD-DVD, ISO on fly with Lock, Anti Extracting Data From Disc and ISO File. Check below complete features list.

Features of SS Power Disc Lock

1. Burn Data on Disc With Lock on the Fly.

2. Ability to Make and Burn Normal and Protected Standard ISO File (*.iso ) .

3. Ability to Detect Illegal Copy (Anti Alcohol 120% , Clonecd ) .

4. Anti Extracting Data From Disc and ISO File (Anti IsoBuster ) .

6. Anti Copying Data From Disc.

7. Ability to Hide Data From Operating System .

8. Ability to Resizing Each File and Each Folder up to 4GB Without Destroy Extra Space on Disc .

9. No Need of Extra Data Like Bad Sectors, Weak Sectors….

10. No Need of Special Disc or Device.

SS Power Disk Lock

SS Power Disk Lock

Download SS Power Disc Lock 5.0.

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5 thoughts on “Lock CD/DVD Disc Data to Prevent Disc Copying or Data Extraction”

  1. Manoranjan Dalal

    can i burn any video that play in cd/dvd player, but anyone couldn’t copy or burn it ?

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