Quickly Customize Folder Icon, Background & Color with StyleFolder

Change Folder Icon

Often we feel the need of customizing folder icon, background & color to match it with content present inside that folder so that it’s easy to distinguish. Windows do provides all the options to customize folder but it could be time consuming and many users may not know these settings.

Here is small utility Stylefolder to quickly customize looks of selected drive or folder. You can customize background, icon, text color and Info tip. It is designed for free, easy and handy to use. All customizing preview and setting will displayed on one screen.

Screenshot of Stylefolder


Supported Operating System:- Windows Vista & XP

Download Stylefolder to Customize and Change Folder Background, Icon & Color on Windows.

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2 thoughts on “Quickly Customize Folder Icon, Background & Color with StyleFolder”

  1. StyleFolder Does not work on Vista.It installs perfectly but after applying the folder background or text colour it doesn’t appear.Please help

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