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With more than half the global population shifting to online mediums, it will not be wrong to say that the current era is truly digital. Technology has slowly but steadily paved its way into almost every field, be it healthcare, entertainment, or even education. Nevertheless, while all the mentioned fields have been revolutionized, business marketing strategies have made use of it to the very core. 

Marketing has significantly changed since the last decade. In recent times, the internet has helped several ventures gain a wider audience. Video marketing is one of those aspects that has been a helping hand throughout. 

Every video marketer knows what an integral role editing is in post-production. If you cannot stitch your shots seamlessly and get the right cut with the right message out, it will look amateur and disengage your customers. 

In recent times, video marketing is by far the most preferred medium and shows the greatest returns compared to any other marketing platform. Not everyone is proficient with video editing software and knows how to edit YouTube videos. Fortunately for them, YouTube provides a web-based editor that is free and accessible to any google user. 

How to Edit YouTube Video Content?

Even though YouTube’s editor is an extremely basic tool, it can still help you trim clips and stitch them out of any part of your video. Here is a small guide on how you can use it. 

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Here, you can find the option to trim your video at the beginning of the end, as required. That is about all you can do with the YouTube video editor. Although this does the job, it is not efficient, especially if you are a content creator looking to make polished videos. 

In such a scenario, free apps like InVideo can come in handy. It is a straightforward and professional video editing app that lets you create eye-catching content, further increasing the potential to grab people’s attention online. Not only for YouTube but with a little practice, you can also make marketing videos for other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and similar apps. 

Why Use InVideo?

With so many video editing apps and software in the market, you must be wondering why you should use InVideo. If you have been in the video marketing industry for a while now, you must have heard about InVideo. It is by far one of the best free video editing apps you will get and works similarly for both professionals and newcomers. In addition to the easy interface, it also comes with certain preloaded templates for every social media platform that you can quickly insert into your videos as per requirements. 

How Does It Work? 

Unlike most video editing apps that require prior knowledge about editing, InVideo is rather simple. It uses a basic drag-and-drop action for you to edit your video content. You can add elements to your video in a similar way as well. It also offers the user all of the advanced video customization features like filters, layers, transitions, animations, cropping, and trimming. It also includes a media library from which you can use stock videos, images, and music to make your videos more engaging for your audience. 

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The best part is that since it is a cloud-based application, your video gets saved in real-time, and you can access it from any device anywhere. Such advanced features with a simple interface make it one of the best-suited video editing tools to use for YouTube content creators and video marketers.

Benefits of Using Video Editor

Apart from being highly economical, this app can appropriately fill the shoes of a professional editor. If you are still sceptical about using it, mentioned here are a few advantages that can say otherwise:


Irrespective of whether you choose to edit videos for YouTube using InVideo or other social platforms to post your video on, there is always a 50-50 chance of it being a hit. In the worst-case scenario, it does not do well and fails to provide any leads. Considering the amount of effort and time that goes into making the video, the idea of video marketing can seem stressful. 

This is when easy video editing software like InVideo comes in with a helping hand. With a more simplified process, it saves time and the effort you have to put in. This way, you can be more regular with publishing videos and have a better understanding of what content fits your audience the best. 

Boosts Productivity: 

After being time-saving and economical, efficient video editing software like InVideo can help you increase productivity. Since you are saving a lot of funds, time, and efforts, you can invest those resources in other things (E.g., a set) to make your video more engaging. 

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No Requirement of Plug-ins: 

Plug-ins can be an essential addition to videos. They often complicate the process of creating the video and further delay the delivery. With a useful video editor, this requirement perishes completely. Software like InVideo comes with preloaded visuals, transitions, and music, further simplifying the whole process. Also, adding them to your video is comparatively easier. 

In Conclusion

The whole world is witnessing a digital revolution at this time, and making use of online mediums has not only been moralized but also become necessary. Marketing is one such field that has seen drastic changes. 

Nowadays, almost every business uses online marketing to spread its name and expand its reach in the market. And out of the many strategies, video marketing is one that is gaining the most traction.

Several ventures are emerging to make the most of it, yet start-ups lack the capital to invest in such strategies. This makes it imperial for those companies to use the available resources efficiently, where software like InVideo comes in. Rest assured, you will surely benefit from using InVideo. 



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