Messenger for Mac brings the Facebook Messenger Site to your Desktop

In the recent F8 conference, Facebook made it messenger’s API available for developers and extended its support for third party add-ons, to make the conversations more interesting. Last week, a separate site was launched by Facebook, exclusively for its Messenger application. It gives a clean and clutter free interface for the messenger app and let the users to chat without any interruptions.

Since, the web app from Facebook got a very good response from many users, a developer from San Fransisco made its clone to the Mac OS X for free. Messenger for Mac is an open-source application from Rasmus and the entire code is available on GitHub for free download.


The latest version of the app (0.0.6) was released a couple of days back, which has fixed all the rough edges on the previous  versions of the app and works pretty stable. It is a very simple application and will be installed in just seconds. It is an exact replica of from Facebook, so there won’t be any changes in the options and functions inside the application.


Instead of that “Settings” icon in the messenger web app, all the settings and options will be available on the top menu bar. The application’s settings menu is completely optimized for Mac and has got some useful options for quick access. The “Preferences” option in the “Messenger” menu will let you turn on/off the Chat sounds and the Desktop notifications of the messenger. Also, you can take a screenshot of your desktop and import images using the “Services” option on the same menu.

The Screenshots you take will be added to the current chat box automatically. The “Import Image” option will let you import images from a camera source or from a scanner and quickly share them with your friends on the messenger.

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The application carries different shortcuts to hide windows, open a new message and much more. So, once you get used to it, you can quickly toggle between windows and easily access the different options using keyboard shortcuts. Also, the support for default Dictation and Text-to-speech conversion features on Mac will be very helpful for many users. The Voice and Video call features on Facebook messenger are not available on the app right now.


The one feature missing in both the and this app is to see people who are currently online. Adding this feature will help users to check their online friends right from the messenger instead of going to Facebook. If you regularly use the Facebook Messenger to chat with your friends, then “Messenger for Mac” is worth giving a shot. Try this on your Mac and share your views about the app in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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