Squiggle: An offline LAN based server-less peer to peer messenger

There are times when you don’t need to store everything on the cloud. An application where people can have continuous threads of personal as well as group discussions and those chats should be saved on LAN and not on cloud or any server on the internet. We recently stumbled upon a similar offline LAN based server-less peer to peer messenger called Squiggle.

Squiggle is a free application for Windows on 3.2mb and doesn’t require any installation which makes it easier to copy on all the computers on network. All you need to do is download, unzip and run.



Squiggle’s UI (user interface) is pretty simple and straight forward as well. As soon you’ve launched the application, choose your display and group name and click on sign in.



With Squiggle, you get quiet a lot of features, some of which are

  • Group chat, Broadcast chat and Private chat
  • Bridge for connecting two LANs across subnets or WAN.
  • Supports localization i.e. you can replace the translation file to use Squiggle in your native language.
  • Fast (multiple) file transfer
  • Spell Check, Buzz, Emoticons, Audio Alerts, Tray Popups
  • Contact groups, Display message, Display Pic, Chat commands, Message aliases
  • Chat history, Status history
  • Voice Chat

To seamlessly run Squiggle, you’ll need

  • NET Framework 4.0
  • Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable
  • Windows 7 or above

It does work on Windows XP but there are reports that it might crash if the load is higher.

Download Squiggle

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