Trick To Close All Tabs In Safari In iOS 7 On iPhone

On these days, all of us do own mobile phones. People cannot even imagine their life without the cellular phones. Slowly, The smartphones entered the market and it grabbed the mobile users’ attraction enormously. Day by day people expect to work with the phones in very fast and smart way. Apple do read the customers mind and launches  it’s each model. iPhone is one of a kind among them.

It lets the users to experience the latest technologies with the retina display. Safari is the browser which iPhone users have to use, while browsing through the internet. It provides tabbed browsing option. It will be more useful to visit multiple websites, no need to wait for the websites to load and lets the users to do multitasking. It will be little time consuming to close the multiple tabs in the browser. Here is the trick to close all the tabs in few taps.

Step 1:

Assuming you have opened multiple tabs in the safari browser

Step 2:

Tap on “Private” option which is at the bottom left

Step 3:

Choose “Close All” option. It will close all the opened tabs

iPhone - Safari - Close All Tabs

Step 4:

You have entered the “Private” browsing.  It will not save the browser’s history and will not track the users activity happens in the browser. Click “Done” to exit from private browsing

Step 5:

Tap on “Close All” to exit from private browsing. That’s it. You’re set and closed all the opened tabs at few tabs.



iPhone - Safari - Close All Tabs



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