How To Switch Between The User Accounts Without Logging Out On MAC

When you own electronic devices it is normal that the friends, colleagues and family members might use it. Each one will need will need different setup to work with. Everyone might have their private data stored. The single user account will not serve the purpose. Macintosh provides the user to have multiple accounts. The users can easily create an user account in Macintosh.

Having considered about the guest users, The admin can create “Guest User” account. Lot of people would have searched a little to find a way to switch between the user accounts without logging out. It will be more useful to the users to switch between the logged in accounts. It eases the users’ work. Here is a way to do it.

Step 1:

Open “System Preferences”

Step 2: 

Choose “Users & Groups”

Fast User Switching - MAC

Step 3:

In the left pane, the existing users will be listed along with the Guest User. Unlock with the admin password to make the changes

Step 4:

Choose “Login Options”

Fast User Switching - MAC

Step 5:

In the right side pane, Check “Show fast user switching menu as” and choose the options from the list

Fast User Switching - MAC

Step 6:

In the menu, Click on Fast User Switching icon. You will see your Full Name / Account Name / Icon as per the choice you made in the above step

Step 7:

Choose the desired user account to login. It will request the password to switch to that account. The user can click on Login Window option to see the login window. It will be pretty fast in switching the accounts without losing the existing work.

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Fast User Switching - MAC



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