Between: An Excellent Instant Messaging Application For Couples

After Smartphones has been introduced, the instant messaging concept went to a new level. Many people moved from text messages to Instant messengers. Though we had many IMs before, WhatsApp is the first app to become popular among all the users. It is because of its multiple platform support and functionality. Following WhatsApp, there are many IMs were available for all the leading mobile platforms. Previously, I wrote about a security based IM called “Wickr“, which lets you send self destruction messages to your contacts. Today, I’ve come with a new application called “Between”, which is exclusively designed for couples. Lets have a look at the features and functions of the app below.


Between is a free personal Instant messaging application available for Android and iOS devices. You can download the app from respective stores using the link below. To start with the app, first you have to register either with your email id or using your Facebook account. After completing the registration process, there will be a column to enter your mobile number and your partner’s number. After he/she download the app, the invite will be delivered to them. All the  invitations you send will be expired within 24 hours.


After connecting your account, there will be a private chat space, calendar, memory box, etc. The Chat space will be one-to-one and other users from your contacts cannot send you any messages. If you are organizing an event, there will be an interactive notes section, to discuss and to create a to-do list for the event. The memory box is the section, where you can save all your photos to keep all your moments alive. If you have spent a vacation together and if you guys live in different places, you can share both of your photos in the common memory box.

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There will be a live weather update on your partner’s location to see what weather they’re experiencing right now. All your chat messages, pictures, calendar events, etc., will be safe in the application. Using the Privacy Settings, you can set a lock to access all your personal data on the application. Even you lose your mobile, your pictures and messages cannot be accessed by anyone. Try the app in your Android and iOS devices and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

 Download Between For Android

Download Between For iOS



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