How to Open ed2k URL Links in Mac OS X with Freeware ed2k Helper

eDonkey ed2k Links on Mac OS X

eDonkey2000 and eMule are one such p2p clients which uses ed2k links for locating files which is to be downloaded, some other clients which uses edonkey file sharing protocol ed2k url are Hybrid, MLDonkey. By default when you install edonkey client it configures your browser to open ed2k links with associated client like eMule, eDonkey2000.

ed2k links allow the file to be identified in a browser and transferred to eMule, eDonkey2000 or other compatible software. But since eDonkey2000 is not available for Mac OS X hence ed2k link URL are simply gets ignored. To make Mac users life simpler here is freeware ed2k helper. ed2k Helper is a simple application that handles ed2k:// protocol in URL from your browser.

How to Configure ed2k links with ed2k helper on Mac OS X

1. Download MLDonkey for Max OS X (MLDonkey to use e-donkey network.)

2. Configure MLDonkey web interface to handle downloads, searches etc

3. Now Setup ed2k helper to use this http server.

ed2k helper for Mac OS X

Once configured ed2k Helper will use this web interface to add your files to the download queue.

Download Freeware ed2k helper 1.1 for Mac OS X to automatically open ed2k links from browser on Mac OS X.

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