Download VISIONary One Click Temporary Root App for G2 Phone

A week back we had covered temporary root instructions for T-Mobile G2 phone, Being tethered root every time you reboot your G2 phone you need to re-apply this steps & re-root it also the instruction requires you to be near your PC Or Laptop which may not be possible every time.

Till the time permanent root is achieved, Paul O Berin admin of MoDaCo forum has developed an app, VISIONary to simplify re-rooting process. Once you install VISIONary application on your G2 phone an icon will be added to launcher screen which lets you to do one click root on your G2 phone.


Paul is working on second version of VISIONary one click root app for G2 phone which will automatically run every time phone boots making it almost like permanent root method.

Download VISIONary Temproot app for G2 phone.

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