Missing scrollbar arrows in Google Chrome? Here’s how to get them back

There are some program elements that you just get used to. Titlebars, menus and the like are found in virtually every application you use. The same is true of scrollbars, and it is usual for there to be an up and down arrow button at either end of the vertical variety. But this is no longer the case in Google Chrome.

If you find it a little strange that arrow buttons are missing from your browser’s scrollbars, there are steps you can take to get them back. It can actually be achieved very simply — there’s no need to get under the hood of Chrome as it can be achieved by simply installing an extension.

The extension you need is called Win7 Scrollbars, and it can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. Visit the download page click the blue Free button to the upper right and then click Add.


You may not see a change straight away, and if this is the case all you need to do is refresh the page or restart Chrome. You should then see that arrow buttons have reappeared on scrollbars.


There are not many settings that you need to concern yourself with, and for the most part Win7 Scroolbars will just work. However, if you use Incognito Mode at all, you’ll find that the scrollbar arrows disappear again.

If you would like arrow buttons in Incognito Mode as well, just click the settings menu to the upper right of Chrome and select the Settings option. Move to the Extensions section and locate the entry for Win7 Scrollbars. Tick the box labelled Allow in incognito.

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