Free Name Generator: Obtain Names of Any Nationality [Windows]

Free Name Generator is an excellent piece of freeware for Windows. Its function is to generate names of any nationality and gender. The user can obtain first names, last names, and full names that include or exclude a middle name initial.

Free Name Generator 1

To get started, you will need to head to the app’s website and download its setup file. The setup file is basically a downloader that downloads and installs the actual setup package. Once the installation has completed, you can open the app and select your preferences.

The first set of preferences includes the selection of the part of the name you want: you get a dropdown menu through which you can choose to obtain the first name, last name, first and last name, or first and last name along with an initial for a middle name.

Free Name Generator 2

After that step, you choose the gender for which the name should be generated. These options include male, female, and ‘either’ – the last one is basically not a specification and will generate either a male or female name.

Free Name Generator 3

There are numerous checkboxes available in the center pane of the app’s main window. These checkboxes correspond to various countries. This is where you can specify all of the countries where the generated name should be from. You can mark multiple checkboxes and the name will belong to either one of the places that you have selected.

Free Name Generator 4

Currently, the app supports name generation from 30 different countries. These countries include Arabia, Scotland, Japan, France, and many others.

With your preferences specified, you can click on the big button labeled ‘Generate Name’ and a name will be generated according to your settings. The generated name will appear in a text field in the bottom pane of the application. To use the name, simply highlight it and copy it; then paste it wherever you want to use it.

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Free Name Generator 5

As you can see, generating names of various nationalities could not be any easier with this handy little application. Whether you want some test data for your application or you want a fake name to try out a web service, this app will serve excellently.

You can get Free Name Generator from over here. Note that during the installation of this application, two additional products will be installed; you might want to head on to your installed programs list in the control panel, and remove these additional programs after the installation of Free Name Generator.



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