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While probably a majority of us use Gmail as our email service of choice, it’s certainly not for Microsoft’s lack of efforts to get everyone to switch to its option. In fact, a tool was recently introduced to facilitate an easier transition from the Google option to that belonging to Microsoft.

And there are a number of reasons that you may want to take advantage of this, one of which is the integration with SkyDrive, the associated online cloud storage service. Customers can utilize this to share photos without having to actually attach them to an email, and here are the simple steps to do just that.

If you have a Microsoft account then you already have both services required to make this work. Start out heading to and choosing the option to compose a new message.


Click on the “Insert” option, which drops down three choices in a menu. The last of these is “Share from SkyDrive”, and that’s the one you want.


(Note: You must first have stored the images on your SkyDrive.)

Now, select the files or folder you want to share and click “Open”, then compose your email and hit send. The recipient, instead of receiving a message with a large file size and lots of attachments, will instead get a link that allows for easy viewing of all the images right in the web browser. It’s a savings of space and download time for your friends and family, which is always welcome.

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