Free IQ Test: Get Your Intelligence Scored and Share it with Friends

The IQ score of a person is now universally recognized as a quick measure of how intelligent a person is. Granted that the IQ score is not a ‘perfect’ measure; none the less, it covers quite a bit of ground. The abbreviation itself stands for “Intelligence Quotient” and is said to be most reliable thing that can be used to judge not only mental prowess but also behavior.

If you would like to get your IQ tested and scored, then there is an excellent online tool called “Free IQ Test” that can help you in this regard.

Free IQ Test is a free to use website that provides very friendly tools to its users that can be used to understand IQ and have their own IQ tested. To get started, you will not need to log in or “connect” using your Google or Facebook accounts – all you need to do is specify your gender along with your date of birth and you will be good to go.

Free IQ Test 1

After providing the abovementioned information you will be given 20 multiple choice questions that you will need to answer.

Free IQ Test 2

The questions have a wide variety and range from asking you to pick the odd item out from a list to judging which shape appears next in a series of shapes. Note that many of the questions are available online. You are able to look for their answers but remember that cheating would defeat the purpose of the test.

Free IQ Test 3

When you have gone through all of the questions, your IQ score is quickly evaluated and displayed.

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Free IQ Test 4

The IQ score can be embedded as a widget onto your own site, thanks to the embeddable code that is generated for your score.

Free IQ Test 5

If you do not understand where your IQ score lies i.e. whether it is a ‘good’ score or not, you can refer to the following image as a key. It would be helpful if the site included such a key on one of their pages, perhaps when the score is displayed. I hope this addition is made soon to its list of features.

Free IQ Test 6

A section on ‘Free IQ Test’ also displays the estimated IQ scores of exceptional experts in various fields such as Charles Darwin and Bobby Fischer.

Free IQ Test 7

Overall, Free IQ Test is an excellent IQ measuring online tool. People can have a lot of fun with it by getting theirs and their friends IQs scored and then matching it against each other.

You can visit Free IQ Test over here.



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