‘Todoist’ Google Chrome Extension Lets You Manage Tasks Through Gmail

We all could use an effective task management tool. You could use an application to add tasks and monitor them; but what if you forgot to checked the app every day? To ensure that you never miss checking your tasks list, you should go with the “Todoist” Chrome extension. This extension adds a shortcut to your Gmail interface and, assuming that you open Gmail every day, this ensures that never miss your tasks list.

After you install the extension, you will view a minimized Todoist window in the bottom right of your Gmail interface.

Todoist Chrome Extension 1

Clicking on the heading of this minimized window will open up Todoist. There you can type in your Google credentials to connect the extension with your Google account.

Todoist Chrome Extension 2

A small introduction will be displayed to you.

Todoist Chrome Extension 3

The extension’s interface will then display your tasks list and folders – these will initially be empty.

Todoist Chrome Extension 4

The ‘Add Project’ link can be used to add projects in which various tasks can be separately added.

Todoist Chrome Extension 5

Each task that you add can carry a title and a date. For any task, you can setup recurring dates as well.

Todoist Chrome Extension 6

Priority levels can be indicated for your tasks. The priority levels are indicated by flag colors. These colors include white, light blue, dark blue, and red.

Todoist Chrome Extension 7

If you opt for Todoist’s premium package, you are also able to setup reminders for the tasks that you add.

When the tasks have all been added, you can easily browse through your projects to check out what it is that you have yet to do. Tasks that have been completed can be checked off the list. Tasks can also be nested under other tasks to indicate sub-tasks.

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The extension offers its users various sorting options for the tasks in projects. You can sort the tasks according to their date, priority, or name. Other interesting options presented by the extension include the ability to email all tasks in a project to someone, exporting the tasks as a template, importing tasks from a template, or simply deleting all completed tasks.

Todoist Chrome Extension 8

As you can see, Todoist offers a lot of features to its users. The fact that the extension is accessible from Gmail’s interface, ensures that you do not need to open a separate window just to see what is next to-do on your list of chores. And the ability to categorize your tasks and email tasks in a certain project, all work towards to providing a robust yet user-friendly task management tool.

You can get the Todoist Chrome extension from over here.



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