Windows 7 Icon Pack Download Now (Windows 7 Hi-Resolution icons)

Windows 7 Icon Pack

Windows 7 icons are different from windows vista. Most of the all windows icons are stored within system32 dll files which you can extract with resource hacker like tool.Taimir asad from randompie has done the job of extracting windows 7 icons from various .DLL files in /Windows/System32 and has shared with us.

This Windows 7 beta icon pack contains 214 Hi-Resolution icons which are in original ico format. Please keep in mind that these icons are under Microsoft copyright. You need to be careful while using these icons.

Screenshot of Windows 7 Icon Pack

Windows 7 beta Icon Pack

Download Windows 7 Icon Pack.

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15 thoughts on “Windows 7 Icon Pack Download Now (Windows 7 Hi-Resolution icons)”

  1. Just extract to where you want it to be. No installation needed.

    Great work btw. Also note that some icons are also found in imageres.dll in system32 folder.

  2. Just a follow up to Rey’s comment:

    There is no password on the RAR file. are you sure you downloaded the correct fie? It should be in .zip format.

  3. Guys, I think I have more than 100000 folders, i am not going to chance the icons one by one, how fo you do it in windows 7? And I dont mean the desktop icons every foul can do that, i mean, how to change the so-called icon theme of windows 7? Is there any programs? how is it done? anyone?

  4. You can use anolis resoucer (prob spelled wrong) to replace the icon you want with the new one in the shell32.dll file in the system32 folder.

  5. just rite klick on your pc icon and from that Properties then personalise then chose customise then change icon at the bottom of that page, after clicking that click browse and select the icon which you have downloaded.

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