Talky: The Simplest Way To Video Chat With Anyone Using Your Browser

With the convenience of modern technology we can use multiple applications to do video chat, share our screens or hold meetings online. Although, there are occasions where we do not have the luxury of our own laptops / computers with our favorite app installed or we need to talk to someone without using our personal (Skype) accounts. Introducing ‘Talky’, a web based free service that gives you the ability to do video chat and screen sharing for groups.

The best thing about Talky is that it’s totally free of cost. You don’t need to install any plugins whatsoever or even sign up for a account. It’s purely anonymous and hassle free. Here’s how it works.


Visit the website, name the conversation and click Let’s go. Congrats, you’ve just created your own conversation room, how much more simple can things be?

Talky - Conversation

Now that you’ve created your room, you’ll get a notification requiring access to your webcam and mic. Click Okay and you’re good to go. Talky’s user interface is pretty simple. You’ll get several options where you can lock room, share your screen, mute the conversation, pause it and leave call. Inviting whom you want to chat with is pretty easy as well. You’ll see a link to your conversation, just share it with the other person and as soon they visit it, they’ll join in automatically.

If you want this conversation to be private, click on ‘Lock Room’. As soon you do, it’ll ask you to provide a key. Enter and the room will be locked. No one without a key can join in even if they know its url.

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Talky - key

You can also share your screen by clicking on ‘Share screen’. Talky provides you with excellent features without any cost and wasted time. Note: It only works on Google Chrome and Firefox for now.

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