Fix Corrupted Zip & SFX Archive Files with Zip2Fix

When it comes to compressing files & folder WinZip is the first and widely software. Winzip compressed files has .zip extension and another form of zip archives files is .sfx also known self-extracting archives used when received doesn’t WinZip or other utility to uncompress .zip files.

It is very rare that a zip or sfx archive gets corrupted but when it happens it is impossible to extract any content from zip/sfx files not even those uncorrupted files inside zip or self-extracting archives. If you are in such situation where you need to fix or repair corrupted zip files then here is freeware tool Zip2Fix which can help you in extracting partial content from corrupted zip or sfx files.

Zip2Fix is a portable tool to extract the undamaged files from a ZIP file when some of the files inside the archive are damaged. The good files will be extracted into a new ZIP file. In addition, Zip2Fix is extremely easy to use and fast so that even beginners will be able to save their files.

Zip2Fix – Fix Corrupted Zip files

Download Zip2Fix to Fix Corrupted Zip or SFX archives.

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