AppSlide Makes iPhone Home Button Even Better (Cydia App)

Often we are amazed with creative & life saver Cydia apps for jailbroken iOS Devices, just we shared Dialer Shield app to prevent accidental keypress while on phone call on iPhone now here is yet another jailbreak app AppSlide.

Many a time when one iPhone app launches another app you would expect back button to take you back to source app, for e.g clicking a link in iPhone mail app launches safari browse, now when you press iPhone back (home) button you would expect to go back to mail app, unfortunately this is not the way iPhone home button works and it just takes you back to springboard.

That’s where AppSlide comes into the picture; it’s a Cydia app to solve the problem we just discussed. This tweak uses a sliding panel-like configuration when one app launches another app. Then pressing the home button will act to send you back to the first app without returning to the homescreen.

AppSlide Video Demo

AppSlide is available for free on BigBoss Cydia repo and requires iOS 4.0 and above.

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