Desmos Graphing Calculator: Solve Equations Online and Save Their Plots to Google Drive

Are you a high school student who wants graphical help in solving your math equations? If yes, then you are going to be very happy to learn about a web app called Desmos Graphing Calculator.

Desmos Graphing Calculator 1

With Desmos Graphing Calculator, you get a web application with which you can easily plot mathematical equations and get their graphical solutions. You can begin using the website by visiting its homepage. I recommend that you sign in using your Google account right away so that you can save your graphs later on in your Google Drive account.

When you first open the application, you will find a keyboard layout and an empty graph chart. To quickly start off, you can choose one of the many example graphs that are provided on the site. From visualizing slopes to vertex forms, you will find a wide variety of examples to choose from.

Desmos Graphing Calculator 2

If you choose to type in your own equation, you will be pleasantly surprised by the wide array of functions that are supported by the web app. Cartesian as well as polar equations are supported along with square roots and powers.

Desmos Graphing Calculator 3

An even further list of functions is provided that spans various trigonometric functions, log and similar functions, and miscellaneous other mathematical functions.

Desmos Graphing Calculator 4

As you type the equation, it appears in the left pane and its plot appears on the right pane in real time.

Desmos Graphing Calculator 5

When an equation’s graph has been plotted, you can find out its value at any point by clicking on that point. This simple action can help graphically solve equations by seeing which points they intersect the horizontal axis on.

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Desmos Graphing Calculator 6

When you have multiple equations plotted, you can assign them different colors in order to differentiate between them easily.

Desmos Graphing Calculator 7

When you are done with your graph plots, you can save them directly to your Google Drive account. Simply select a file name and click on the ‘Save Graph!’ button.

Desmos Graphing Calculator 8

When you visit your Google Drive dashboard, you will find your graph present there in the PDF file format.

Desmos Graphing Calculator 9.0

I found that Desmos Graphical Calculator handles various equations and plotted them quite competently. As an educational tool for high school students and, in some cases, even college students, this web app will be very useful. However, if you are expecting to have very complicated equations plotted through this web app, you will be disappointed. When faced by an overcomplicated expression, the app simply shows you a relevant message and does not plot the graph for it.

Desmos Graphing Calculator 9.1

But if what you have are not overly-complicated equations, then you will be one very satisfied user.

You can check out Desmos Graphing Calculator over here.



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