Drop Task: An Interesting Web App To Manage Your Tasks

It doesn’t matter whether it is an individual person or a bigger company, task management is an important one. Managing all your tasks and getting it done right away is not a cake walk. You have to manage time, people, resources and much more. Though we have plenty of software, web applications and Smartphone apps to manage your tasks online and offline, still we fail to complete our work on time. So here is a new web app called Drop Task, a visual task management app which is quite different from other existing applications.


Drop Task, gives a visual representation of your completed and incomplete tasks in your day to day life in a Venn diagram. You can easily drag and drop your tasks and align them quickly based on the priority. It can be used for individual’s task management or for the project by a group of people. You can add your friends, colleagues and team members to your account and view all their activities in a single place. It is very easy to plan and prioritize the tasks on your project. So that you can see what are all the works pending and which one you need to focus on.

It is not only for the professional projects, you can also plan a wedding or any function in your home along with your family members easily using this drop task. It will give you an organized environment to plan, discuss and chat with all your members on the team. If you are a head of the team, you can assign the tasks to your fellow team members and get updates from them instantly. Also you can set targets to finish that particular task and manage them right from your desktop.

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You can split the tasks and organize them on weekly and monthly basis. This will give a progress on your productivity and the efficiency of your team members on the project. You can easily hide all the unwanted tasks and see only the important tasks. This will help you to know which one need to be given priority and completed quickly. Have a look at the video prepared by Drop Task team to explain the various functions and features of the application.

Once you sign up for drop task, you will receive notification inside the application as well as in your email. This will help you stay in touch with your project wherever you are. Also you can add comments and attach files with your tasks easily. You cannot view the files directly inside the application but you can use that as a private file storage area and download them whenever you want. So drop task is a perfect task management web app for all types of work. You can sign up for free and start managing your tasks efficiently from today. Let me hear your opinion about this new web app in the comment box.

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1 thought on “Drop Task: An Interesting Web App To Manage Your Tasks”

  1. I’ve been trying it out over the last day. So far, I love it! The visual interface just seems to really click for me. Kudos on them for trying something different.

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