PhotoCat: A Simply and Easy to Use Online Photo Editing Apps

Photocat There are literally hundreds of photo editing tools on the internet right now. However, most of them are either paid or doesn’t offer enough features so that they can be used as an alternative to different windows tools. Photocat is a very useful flash-based application that allows users to edit photos online and add different effects, without installing any application on your computer.

With Photocat, users can edit photos, retouch them, add frames, and create collages and much more. Best thing about the app is that it’s really simple and easy to use, and doesn’t require advanced photo editing knowledge.

The app has an easy to use interface with every feature separated in tabs and categories. Each category has a set of functions that users can try with their photos. So, it’s really simple and straight forward with any confusions whatsoever. Take a look,

Just go to Photocat homepage and select what you want to do: Edit Photos, Retouch them or create a collage. Let’s take a look at some photo editing features first. Launch Photocat editor and upload the image you want to edit.


You can crop the image, resize it, and adjust brightness and contrast settings, change colors (hue, saturation etc.) and more.

PhotoCat  Editing Options

Clicking on the Effects tab will show you all the categories grouped into Lomo, Portrait and Art with over 20 different effects that can be added to your photos.

Photocat Samples

Photocat also offers wide range of frames ranging from classical to textured frames that can be added to your photos without any hassle.

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If you want, you can even add text to your photos. Photocat offers wide range of fonts and bubbles which can be added to your photos with a click.

Photocat 5

The app also offers many photo retouching options including removing red eye, blur, color splash and lot more.

Photocat 6

In conclusion, I must say that I am very impressed by all the features that this app has to offer. Obviously, it cannot be compared with Photoshop or any other full featured photo editing apps but they are way too complicated for a normal user to operate. If you are a normal user, Photocat is an app worth bookmarking.

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