Thumbnail Zoom Plus: Zoom In Images By Hovering Cursor On It [Firefox]

There are times when you want to browse through pictures without having to open up new tabs to get a preview of it as opening and loading the entire image can take time depending on the size of the picture. If you use Firefox, you are in luck thanks to Thumbnail Zoom Plus addon that allows users to zoom in images on websites by hovering mouse cursor on them.

This Add-on is for Mozilla Firefox and it requires a restart after you install it.

You can go to the options menu of this Add-no and make changes like increasing or decreasing the delay before images are shown, set the zoom level and set a hotkey for maximizing the image. The sites that Thumbnail zoom plus supports include; Amazon, Facebook, Flickr, Google, Huffington Post, Twitter, Reddit and many more. You can also select the sites for this Add-on which you prefer.

Thumbnail Zoom Plus

You just need to place the cursor on the image/image link and a zoomed up version pops up. You can further zoom in by pressing ‘Shift’ the predefined hot key for extra zoom. The Add-on performs quickly and without much delay.

Thumbnail Zoom PLus 2

However, it works mainly on image links and on some sites image thumbnails do not get zoomed in. It works well on Flickr. However, it does not zoom into flash content on Amazon. It has a few functionality issues since not all thumbnail images are enlarged. The Add-on has no support for eBay, which is a flaw as many users shop there.

Nevertheless, it’s a useful tool as far as zooming into thumbnails is concerned. Moreover, if a higher resolution of a thumbnail is available, it will open that up instead of zooming in and pixelating the image.

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Overall, Thumbnail Zoom plus is a useable add-on that’s completely free of cost.

Download Thumbnail Zoom Plus for Firefox



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