WinParrot: Record Recurring Tasks in Windows

Do you want to make a duplicate log of all the things and tasks that you do on your PC? If yes, than WinParrot is definitely the perfect software for you. WinParrot lets you record actions and recurring tasks which are quite helpful as they make recurring tasks a lot easier and saves you a lot of time on mundane tasks. You can even record macros and schedule their execution. You can also record your actions and play them back for demonstration purposes. For example, if you are training people on how to use the program, you can just record everything and play it back while having full command on your lecture. WinParrot lets you do a lot, and just think, it’s all about replicating actions and so the possibilities are endless.


WinParrot does not need to be installed or anything. It’s just a standalone application that you can download from WinParrot portal. Using it is quite simple and straightforward. All you need to do is press the record button on the screen and start recording what you want. It will also show a small task button in the task bar. But before that you will also need to write down the name of your file.

Win Parrot 1

There is nothing more to it and once you are done, you can stop recording or just press ‘End’ Key from Keyboard and your recording will be stopped. You can then save what you recorded and play it as well, the recording will play in the WinParrot screen and you will be able to see it all happening.

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The only problem is you might expect a crash or two, but that just happens for the first time, after that it is pretty smooth and very light on the system as well. It’s free to download and give it a try and let us know what you think about it.

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