Outlook Mail Classifier Add-in Classifies Mails and Suggests Suitable Folders

Microsoft Outlook is the #1 choice for the email application in the corporate world, the normal tendency of Outlook users is to organize emails in separate folders based on the sender and email content. The classification of mail is often done by reading email. In some cases, you may use sender email address and Outlook filters, to automatically assign emails to a particular folder.

Organizing emails in separate folders is definitely a good idea, as it makes it easier for you to quickly access desired email as an when required. However, the classification process is time consuming as well as cumbersome process. What if you can have Outlook add-in, which can do the mail classification for you and also suggest the folders to move that email to, do you think it would increase your productivity?

If your answer is yes then here is Outlook Mail Classifier, Microsoft Office 2010 outlook add-in which does the email classification using classification algorithms to classify mails and propose suitable folders. All you need to do is install this outlook add-in, it will add the new menu item Outlook Mail Classifier in the Outlook right click context menu option for mails.

When you access Outlook Mail Classifier, you will notice that it also shows the predicted folders. You can either click on one of these suggested classification and email will be automatically moved to that folder or ignore suggested classification.

You can also refresh the dataset, so that Outlook Mail Classifier can rebuild its database for more accurate prediction. Under Options, you can change the classifier or save dataset in different file.

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Unfortunately, Outlook Mail Classifier doesn’t support English language, the installer and some of the text of Outlook Mail Classifier are still in German.

Download Outlook Mail Classifier for Microsoft Office 2010.

Please Note: Outlook Mail Classifier is still in beta, you must take a backup of your Outlook PST before attempting to install and try this add-in.



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