Hojoki: Integrate All Your Cloud Productivity Applications

Hojoki 1Modern computer users make use of numerous web applications. This usually means that we keep jumping from one site to another to manage our online apps. For example, if you use Twitter and Dropbox, you need to alternate between the two to check stream notifications and upload or download files. The more cloud applications you use, the more jumping around you have to do.

Here to save you all the time you spend jumping from one site to another is a service called Hojoki.

Hojoki is a wonderful web service that is currently in its beta. Presently, in its beta stage, the application is free to use. The service basically merges popularly used cloud apps and provides their notifications to you via a singular dashboard.

Hojoki 2

You start using the web service by creating an account first. You can sign up for a new account or simply log in using your Facebook or Google account. Next you start linking up accounts from other web services. Twitter, Google Calendar, GitHub, Google Drive, and Box are only a few of the many services which you can link with your Hojoki account. Once you have the services linked, your online Hojoki interface fetches the information from your linked accounts and serves it to you in a single dashboard. If you have a smartphone you can download the service’s iOS application and get notifications and view files on your smart device.

Hojoki 3

New services can be added from your phone as well.

Hojoki 4

Hojoki is available as a web app, and can also be installed on iOS and Android devices.

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In conclusion, Hojoki is an excellent web service that integrates your cloud apps into a single dashboard to save your time.

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