Addons in URL Bar: Make Your Firefox Addons Appear in the Address Bar

I alternate between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. But to be honest, I like Firefox a tad bit more than I do Chrome. I feel it still has a lot more to offer than Chrome in terms of add-ons and customizations. Take the customize buttons options, for instance. You can drag any button you want to the bottom of the Firefox window and have quick access to it.

Now a Firefox add-on developer has enhanced the functionality of those customized buttons and made an add-on that lets you hide the add-ons whenever you do not need them. The add-on that lets you do this is titled “Addons in URL Bar.”

Addons in URLBar 1

Addons in URL Bar is a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox. The add-on helps hide the customized buttons you add to the bottom of Firefox screen whenever you are not using them. This tool shifts those buttons into the address bar of Firefox. The buttons are kept hidden; they reappear when you hover your mouse on the address bar.

To get a clear idea of what these means, right-click on the toolbar area in Firefox and enter the Customize option. Also ensure that your Add-on Toolbar option is enabled.

Addons in URLBar 2

The custom buttons window will open up. Drag any button you want to the bottom right of the Firefox window. We dragged the Downloads and Full Screen buttons.

Addons in URLBar 3

With the extension installed, you will not see these buttons. To access these buttons, all you have to do is hover your mouse pointer over the address bar and they shall reappear.

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Addons in URLBar 4

You can then use the buttons by clicking on them in the address bar.

In this simple way you are able to save space and increase the functionality of those custom buttons.

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