Create/Convert Videos Files to DPG for Playback on Nintendo DS with DPG4X

In past we had covered a guide on how to play .avi files on PlayStation 2 now here is yet another guide but this time for Nintendo DS owners. Like PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS (NDS) is well known & popular portable gaming device and the predecessor of Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo DS and its successors has been bestselling handheld game console to date.

Thanks to the support of SD card in Nintendo DS users can play videos or audio files on their NDS however you need to convert the videos files into supported format first before you can play on it. Nintendo DS only supports DPG video files which is a special format of MPEG-1. If you are looking for easy way to convert or create DPG files for NDS then here is free utility DPG4X.

DPG for X (dpg4x) is a program that is designed to allow the easy creation of DPG video files not only on Linux, but also on Mac OS X and Windows.

DPG4X allows you to add video files of any format, Add media option you to add regular files or CVD or DDV files. If you are using Add File option you can browse and select the video file.  The main video of DPG4X also lets you to adjust the quality of output video file and version of DPG format.

Under DPG4X Video Window you can adjust width, height, frames per second, video bitrate and other settings.

In Audio tab you can change audio bitrate or use auto audio track if you don’t want to mess with these settings. It also has option to normalize volume or force mono channel.

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Another interesting feature of DPG4X is it also has option to add subtitles. You can either choose subtitles files or get track from input video file or completely disable subtitles.

Under misc. settings you can specify output folder to save converted videos as well as temporary folder where all the temporary and under progress video conversion data will be stored. You can also specify preview video size in seconds to see the output video preview before starting converting process.

Download DPG4X to Create or Convert Videos files to DPG Format.



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