Easily Organize all Remote Desktop Connections In One Place

Computer networking whizzes often created multiple networks to ensure that all computers on the network can be accessed remotely. Suppose the computer is on multiple networks, then accessing it remotely can become even more difficult. It is also difficult for the computer operator to manage all those remote desktop connection networks.

Remote Desktop Organizer comes as a solution to all those problems.

Remote Desktop Organizer is a freeware program compatible with Windows operating systems and sized at only 1.3MB.

The tool contains numerous features to simplify management of multiple remote desktop connections.

Many user-interface customization options are available to suit the user’s preferences.

Main features of Remote Desktop Organizer:

  • Organize remote desktop connections in folders and subfolders
  • Drag and drop support for moving connections and folders
  • Tabbed connections
  • Quick Connection
  • Connect to console
  • Change connection port
  • Minimize to system tray (optional)
  • Close to system tray (optional)

Click here to download Remote Desktop Organizer.

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2 thoughts on “Easily Organize all Remote Desktop Connections In One Place”

  1. Most remote desktop programs have interfaces that shows all the computers you have remote access to. Like RHUB’s TurboMeeting (http://www.rhubcom.com), list all of computers you are connected to for easy access.

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