Sign SIS/SISX Applications and Games with Martik SIS Signer

.SIS or .SISX files are Symbian OS Installer Files which lets you to install any application on your Symbian OS based mobile phones. Normally any application developed for Symbian OS need to signed with SymbianSigned.com but lots of mobile application available on internet are in unsigned form. Hence you need to manually sign .sis files.

We have already covered one freeware utility SISContents utility for unpack, edit & sign sis files. Here is yet another similar Martik SIS Signer a program to sing SIS or SISX applications and games.

How to sign SIS/SISX files with Martik SIS Signer

1. Open the program by double clicking on “Martik SIS Signer 3.0.exe” !

2. Click on the first “Browse…” button to add “KEY” file.

3. Click on the second “Browse…” button to add “CER” file.

4. Input some digits, like: 123456

5. Click on the third “Browse…” button to add your SIS application or game to program.

6. If you want to change some settings click on “View Info and Change Settings…” button. (for advanced users!)

7. Now click on “Click Here To Sign Your Application/Game” button.

8. Now wait for few seconds, and your sis file will be singed

9. Now you can install your signed file (don’t ask me how to install SIS files! )

Martik SIS Signer

Martik SIS Signer

Download Martik SIS Signer 3.1.

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