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  • Daniel

    Thanks, I didn’t even notice there was a problem. Glad I grabbed your feed.

  • hatch

    please email me a link to the partial folder i have accidently deleted it and was wondering if you knew where i could get it

  • hatch

    crispyhatch@gmail.com or just copy the fiels from your computer or something just please help me out

  • James in Germany

    Thanks. That sorted our problem out nice and easy

  • Bruno

    Didn’t work on my Iphone 3G 3.0, still crashing on cydia startup

  • Melvin

    When I will use this “ClearCydiaListCache.exe” wiil it effect my iPhone? like my APPLICATIONS and those i downloaded at cydia, will it be erase? or will my phone be reset to original setting? etc, etc, etc.

  • Buddy, it works for the first time only and crashes afterwards !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ada

    it didnt worked for me..it says iperation successful but the cydia stil didnt work..please advise what to do now? thanks!

  • sid

    simply thanks

  • Jonathan

    hey can you help me. im using windows and when i click the button connect your device and click here..
    it says couldnt initiate process.. unable to load ddl itunesMobileDevice.dll

    please help i am dieing to be able to use cydia again

  • guest

    Here’s a wonderfully written article on this. It is basically an expanded and detailed version of the solution contributed by member eg1982:


    If after going thru this, Cydia still crashes, you can add this to your troubleshooting steps:

    1. Go to the private/var/lib/dpkg/updates folder
    2. Look for file similarly named like tmp.i and 000* bearing the latest timestamp (*=wildcard)
    3. Delete those files
    4. Run Cydia again. By the time you finish reading this sentence, you are already smiling and shouting “YES!!”.

    Now, just to explain a little further (now bear with me on this), there is a lot of talk about Cydia “crashing”. If you tap on Cydia and it justs pops up and goes back to springboard as if nothing happened, that is Cydia crashing. If you tap on Cydia, it opens up, shows you the main page or maybe an “Unable to load, no internet connection”, and you try to tap on the Manage section and suddenly you get returned to springboard, that, is Cydia exiting. Big difference right? That is the behavior of the “new” Cydia. If it senses you don’t have an internet connection, it simply exits.

    But wait, there’s more. You go “But i have an internet connection, why is Cydia telling me I’m getting an “Unable to load, not internet connection message?”. There are a couple of things to consider:

    1. Cydia server is really down
    2. The site is unresolveable via DNS (in which case, blame your provider)
    3. The site is under maintenance.

    Here are some steps you can do to see if it’s a problem with the site or your provider:
    1. Try enabling edge/3G and enter the correct APN on your cellular network settings. Try to run Cydia again. Most times it will time out on the first pass. Just exit and try again. Voila!! Cydia lives!! I know, I know.. Don’t get all riled up and tell me “Globe data charges are sooo expensive”.. We are doing this to make sure the Cydia server is not down and so you can blame your provider

    2. Have someone else (on the LC or text or phone-a-friend) check out if Cydia is timing out on their connection. If they say “Nope, Cydia works”, again, this is a problem with your provider.

    3. To check if it is indeed a provider error, you can alway try to ping cydia.saurik.com. It should return results similar to this:

    Pinging cydia.saurik.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time=294ms TTL=49
    Reply from bytes=32 time=277ms TTL=49
    Reply from bytes=32 time=265ms TTL=49
    Reply from bytes=32 time=267ms TTL=49

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 265ms, Maximum = 294ms, Average = 275ms

    If it doesn’t, and you get a “Request timed out or Host unresolvable” message, blame your provider again!! They might not be properly routing this

    I hope this helps.

    Have a great day ahead!!

  • martin

    You are a genius. I followed the guide for Mac users. Worked like a charm! ;)

  • Alex

    “YES!!” with a big smile

  • Piggyd

    everytime I try to load up the clear chache tool it says error cant load app NOT initlize properly
    help help


    THANK YOU SO MUCH IT WORKED PERFECTLY!!! I used the wiindows version BTW.
    and for those who are cautious about this fixcydia program, dont be, it has not affected my ipod touch in any way.

  • Marc

    wow that was easy! thanks!

  • adri


  • tavo

    did what johnathan suggested on his post and work great, Im on a mac and have an iPhone 3g with the latest firmware
    thank you very much, posts like this help a lot

  • GREGus

    THX A MILLION for this simple solution!Worked without a problem on 3GS & Windows 7

  • Mario

    Thanks…! it’s working just fine !!

  • Rebecca

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This FINALLY worked. One thing I will add for those of you frustrated that–because Cydia keeps crashing–you can’t add anything such as SSH to your newly upgraded 3.0 or 3.0.1 jailbroken phone, try downloading Disk Aid (I have a Mac running 10.4 and this is the only thing that I could find that worked). This will allow you to get into the files on your phone and delete the ones described above. You don’t need to purchase it. I downloaded at 14-day license. You can find it here: http://www.digidna.net/diskaid/. It’s available for Mac and Windows. Thanks again!

  • Rebecca

    Okay… I’m back. It’s crashing again. I keep re-deleting the files in the “lists” folder and Cydia will come back a few times, but now not even that is working. I tried to follow the directions above about deleting a file in the “updates” foler (private/var/lib/dpkg/updates folder) but that folder appears to be empty, so I have nothing to delete. I guess I’ll wait and see if it’s the server. Anyone else still stuck?

  • Rossb

    Didn’t work for me. Here’s the thing, it was working fine, then inexplicably started crashing.

    it wouldn’t let me delete the files via SSH so I used iFile and deleted them, does that help?



  • Ross Burck

    Still doesn’t work. Please help…

  • Rebecca

    I think I might have figured out the problem–on my phone anyway. It appears that 3.0.1 is causing the iphone to get too hot. Somehow that is screwing up the wifi connection. Apparently Cydia is programmed to quit if it doesn’t detect an internet connection (as described above). Last night when I was having the problems, I noticed that Safari also wasn’t working– even though my status bar showed a strong wifi connection. But if I left my phone on a cold surface (my kitchen counter)and didn’t use it for about 15 minutes, when I started using it again I had no wifi problems and therefore no Cydia problems.

    I am not a techie, so I can’t say for sure that this is the issue. Anyone else with a similar observation?

  • Cord123

    Thank you so very much!

  • Vicbomlen

    I worked thank you!!!

  • geckcub

    In response to Jonathan regarding the cydia problem,

    THANK YOU! the private/var/lib/dpkg/updates folder steps worked perfect!

  • Sam

    Cydia started crashing after i downloaded something called bluetooth messanger. I just tried this but it didnt work. Please help.

  • Guys don’t follow these steps, they will delete the repositories from cydia, that it.
    just follow the steps in the comments written by Guest, and i qoute:
    “1. Go to the private/var/lib/dpkg/updates folder
    2. Look for file similarly named like tmp.i and 000* bearing the latest timestamp (*=wildcard)
    3. Delete those files
    4. Run Cydia again. By the time you finish reading this sentence, you are already smiling and shouting “YES!!”. ”

    it’s just a natural thing like any problem you have with your pc, except this one is smaller. what i mean is when your pc becomes very slow sometimes you just need to delete all temp files to speed it up, and it’s the same here.

    Chees ;)

  • JIgar


    This worked on My iPhone 3G 3.0. Cydia continuously crashing after installing the Anyring X (with Rock app)


    I tried using the ClearCydiaListCache.exe program but it didn’t run under Windows Vista.

    I followed the instructions given by “Guest” and “AHMEDO” but the updates folder was empty already.

    I then followed the instruction for MAC (Used Total Commander to SSH into iPhone) and deleted the files in /private/var/lib/apt/lists/ folder. WORKED LIKE A CHARM. I was even able to backup my files, therefore, saving my repositories. One of them was the reason why it kept crashing!


  • woah

    shit! i tried the steps and AHMEDO was right…it erased all my sources!!!!!!!! how do i get them back???????????

  • BJ the DJ

    Hi All,

    i have tried the “for windows users” n its still not working, can i have some more help on it?


  • sasha

    i tried everything that is mentioned on here for windows…..and nothing. i have firmware 3.0.1 on my iphone 3g…my network is working but cydia says that it’s unable to unload but doesnt exit….so doesnt that mean it detects my connection? i also looked in the update folder to delete the files as mentioned but it’s empty so…i need help with this if able to….i would like to be able to experience cydia for myself

  • joe

    hello everyone… this works great… no need for ssh or anything else ..

    It’s stupid how all the forums wrote that u have to download ssh from cydia and cydia is not working anyways.. so the best solution was
    Go to the private/var/lib/dpkg/updates folder
    and delete the files.

    to do that … by downloading iphone explorer for mac and windows… and then delete the temp files like it’s written above…

    but the icon of the application that was deleted still shows … does anyone know how to delete the icon??

    Thanks ;)

  • Giannops

    Followed steps by Vikar using Mac fix…..worked like a charm took less than 20 secs…Ausome

  • Ras

    how do u get to private/var/lib/dpkg/updates folder…. can someone show me the steps please? thanks

  • fred

    good work Ahmedo thanks thats exacly what i needed….

  • Cemal Semiz

    Very simple fix the crash..First upgrade the firmware iphone 3.1.2.and than download thw blackrain jailbreak.. http://www.blackra1n.com install the jailbreak,enjoy..Its checked from me.Very good working.

  • Cemal Semiz

    dont forget !!! all old installation must be erased before the blackrain,no loose any data..don’t afraid..

  • Lou

    can someone please help me? i installed ClearCydiaListCache and .Net Framework 3.5. when i connect my ipod touch and clicked on “Connect your device and click here” it’s telling me “FixCydia has stopped working” A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. PLEASE HELP!!!! i recently got my ipod touch jailbroken about 3 days ago. and as i was on cydia and got this one theme all of a sudden my cydia crashed and now everytime i try to use cydia it’s just black and returns to my ipod home :(

  • Brido

    private/var/lib/dpkg/updates did the trick….thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • Brian

    “followed the instruction for MAC (Used Total Commander to SSH into iPhone) and deleted the files in /private/var/lib/apt/lists/ folder. WORKED LIKE A CHARM. I was even able to backup my files, therefore, saving my repositories. One of them was the reason why it kept crashing!”

    Works like a charm and I’m running Vista

    Was at my wits end, cheers!

  • CJ

    i just i delete my partial folder…how do i get it back plz help!!!!!!!!!

  • Kenflawless89

    i ran the program and this is what is said:
    Couldn’t initiate process: {0}Unable to load DLL ‘iTunesMobileDevice.dll’: The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)
    plz get back to me


  • You need to have iTunes installed on your C: drive if you dont have then just simply copy iTunes folder from the drive it has been installed to C: drive and then run.

  • You need to have iTunes installed on your C: drive if you dont have then just simply copy iTunes folder from the drive it has been installed to C: drive and then run.

  • Antoinestreat

    u fuckin rock!!!


    ok i might be good and all on ipods and stuff like this but i toke me three days just to figure out how to fix cydia and this guy comes along and makes my day so good thanks so much great job :)

  • Rsmango9

    it didn’t work. I have the same problem but I downloaded Cydia thorugh blackra1n. Please get back soon as I am contemplating restoring my ipod.

  • dakira

    Just use the tool iphonebrowser and delete the files described in the mac-user instructions.

  • Beam1beam

    can anyone help me for windows it said “Fix Cydia has encounter a problem.” i install .net framework already, but it doesn’t work

  • Kishorhoswal

    Hi did you got some solution to work the clearCydiaListCache.exe

  • Alex

    my problem is that it says Error: Database, encountered a section with no package: header

  • Tim

    if you have ifile from jailbreaking it will make your life way easier on following these steps

    “1. Go to the private/var/lib/dpkg/updates folder
    2. Look for file similarly named like tmp.i and 000* bearing the latest timestamp (*=wildcard)
    3. Delete those files
    4. Run Cydia again. By the time you finish reading this sentence, you are already smiling and shouting “YES!!”. “

  • Dhogue

    I have the same issue but… Recently deployed OS 4.1 on my iPhone 3G with Sn0wbreeze (worked) but Cydia is broken… like most people reding this page.

    My issue, no SSH (OpenSSH) coz Cydia not launching to install it and pulling the pacakge with Sn0wbreeze did not enable it.

    Same problem with “afc2add”

    When I tried iPhone Explorer I get to the phone but not the root, to get the root I need afc2add which sn0wbreeze will not install during the IPSW creation.

    I also tried ClearCydiaListCache but it can NOT connect to do it’s magic (delete these files). I even downloaded the older iTunesMobileDevice.dll coz other post showed people with success, it did get me father but not enough. I tried that on a WinXP and Win7 machine.

    What else could I try to get to the root so I can delete these files????


  • Shraddha

    i downloaded clearcydialistcache exe and ran it…..also connected my device before running the exe but…all i get is “please connect to device” message …has anyone faced this problem b4…please help

  • Esther_mokey

    yeah,,same…uhn,,,did you found a solution to fix it

  • Chris12x1

    i downloaded iphone expolorer and i could not found lib/apt/lists it only shows cache or root and when i go to cache there nothing when i go to root there media but when i go there it show nothing please help

  • Chris12x1

    GUYS FORGET IT there a simpler way to do this
    1. go to safari on you iphone/ipodtouch
    2.go to jailbreakme.com
    3.side to download
    4. wait and it reinstall cydia and it works
    it work fine no problem guys

  • Sutunc

    worked for me thanks a lot!!

  • Tim (1)

    I got my Cydia fixed by deleting all related modmyi.com repos in /var/lib/apt/lists. If you aren’t sure how to get here (like I was), type in:
    su root (enter)
    alpine (enter)
    cd var/lib/apt/lists (enter)

    Then type ls to show the list of files. Write the file names down, then type:

    rm (complete file name)

    if you get an error, you probably spelled it wrong or missed a cap. A respring after finished deleting is recommended. If Cydia does work, don’t update anything related with what you deleted, go to packages and remove all related. Hope this helps.

  • Wanfaris25

    Thanks man your the coolest guy i ever seen.Finally i got the solution how to get cydia fix from crashing.It works perfecly^-^.

  • Yohan

    Thanks joe, it works. You’re the man!!!

  • After using the method of modifying the cydia plst file and the problem comming back when I try to install new sources I came upon this method which worked like a charm http://surreystore.com/Forums/tech-help/how-to-fix-error-refreshing-data-problem-in-cydia/msg122/#msg122
    I think it is the easiest way and using the terminal client for the first time makes me feel like I am really getting to use my iPhone in a cool way

    Read more: http://www.iphonetechie.com/2009/11/fix-for-cydia-errordatabase-encountered-a-section-with-no-packageheader/#ixzz18jMhQIZC

  • zzz


  • hi, u started to explain about cydia crashing, that is the problem with mine, when I open cydia it opens and then closes imidiately! do you have any other advise for this problem. I had previously jailbroken my phone but then installed 4.2.1. for my iphone and so lost the jailbreak. I then tried to do a tethered jailbreak using redsnow to install cydia but I then encountered this problem. Thanks for any help you can give me :-)

  • iMacker
  • iMacker

    This method does not work for me as I cannot use Jailbreakme.com instead try this method http://surreystore.com/Forums/tech-help/how-to-fix-error-refreshing-data-problem-in-cydia/msg122/#msg122

  • Sl_hyuny

    clearcydialistcache tool doesn´t work

  • Sl_hyuny

    but if i don´t have ifile. What can i do? help me pls

  • Sl_hyuny

    but if i don´t have ifile. What can i do? help me pls

  • Almost411

    How do you get to the private/var/lib/dpkg/updates folder? Is it on the Itouch or on my computer?

  • Jayr_marley

    thanks Chris12x1, t works!!!

  • This worked great on my 2G Ipod.
    The first time I tried it, there wasn’t any confirmation that anything happened.
    I then went back, hit slide and a warning box appeared, “Looks Like your already jailbroke. Do you want to continue?”
    There is also a warning that jailbreaking an already jailbroken device might cause problems.
    I closed my eyes, said a prayer and confirmed that I wanted to jailbreak.
    After about 2 minutes, a dialog box popped up stating that Cydia had been added to the home screen, not on my device as I had it in a seperate folder.
    Cydia is back and I thank you for posting such an amazingly simple fix!

  • Shakhzodshox

    hi, its very helpful info, I got a problem with my 3gs iphone and the problem was my iphone crashed a week ago. It was a jailbroken and unlocked iphone, however while i was using my iphone I used cydia and then iphone crashed, and it stuck on apple logo. Also, I tried to resore it but I couldn’t, it came up with itune error 1015. Please help me with your some ideas…
    if I’ll change the logicboard of my 3gs iphone does it work? or is there another way?
    please give me some advices how can I fix it, or email me please to shakhzodshox@yahoo.com
    thank you

  • Great information Thank you

  • Great information Thank you

  • I tried with jailbreakme.com but it’s not working with the new firmware 4.2.1

  • Gianni_tasteri

    1 question:
    if i have not my iphone with at&t company , because i am from argentina, it´s going to be the same? please somebady how knows answer me

  • losdiaz

    Thanks for ur help been triyng to fix my cydia on my itouch 2g this really works been looking everywhere but have to becareful what u dowlaod but this is the real stuff thank once again. ED 1/25/2011

  • okayobee

    I seem to be stuck in a loop. I used blackain and installed cydia but it never gets past the loading data screen. I installed iphone browser but can’t see or find the private/var… folders. It seems as though I need afc2add to see these files and I can’t install afc2add without cydia. Anyone have a solution? I was able to get the .deb file but not sure how/where to add it so that it’ll be recognized by my iphone (3G, 3.1.2, 05.11.7)

  • OiOi_OiOi

    Cheerz akid luv u loadzzzzzz

  • Raz_Br09

    Buna ziua. Am o problema cu Iphonul meu 2g . Am jailbreak 3.1.2 , aveam o problema cu cydia si intr-o zi m-am enervet si m-am tot uitat la tutoriale pe youtube si am gasit ceva unde am dat delete la fisierul PARTIAL. ce mai pot face pentru a nu reinstala Cydia ? cum pot baga fisierul inapoi ? va rog mult , ajutor!

  • Raz_br09

    Hello. I have a problem with my iPhone 2G. I jailbreak 3.1.2, I had a problem with Cydia and someday I enervet and I’ve been looking at tutorials on youtube and I found something where I did delete the file PARTIAL. they can do to not reinstall Cydia? how can I put the file back? more please, help!

  • Fazl Aria

    Hey Chris, I am Fazl From Afghanistan, Its hard to get iPhones here coz its expensive but i bought one and my Cydia did not work, I was looking to fix this problem and i found ur messages, thanks to u for sharing useful information,
    my email address is fazl.aria242@hotmail.com

  • Elboy480

    i go to the website and slide and it tells me its already jailbroken, re-jailbreaking t could be harmful, is this safe?

  • Fail. DLL error on http://tom.zickel.org/ClearCydiaListCache/ClearCydiaListCache.zip .. thanks for nothin’.

  • And what if Cydia won’t run? What then?

  • Me neither. My Cydia won’t run and his advice did not help.

  • And what if that advice still results in a Cydia that won’t even start up? What then? :/

  • Chino66713


    I Get a Error Saying

    “Couldnt initiate Process:{0}Unable to load DLL ‘iTunesMobiledevice.dll’: The specified
    module could not be found.(Exception from HRESULT:0x800700E

    PLEASE HELP :D!!!!1if u know something email me at chino66713@yahoo.com

  • Shaggymuffin

    Thank you!!!.. The only method that worked for me!!! Also, I used i-funbox to access my iphone if anyone wants to know.


  • Skateblack2099

    Tnks man u are great, search everywhere and found nothing, they said all cleared this, that, but yours, really helped me. Thanks again

  • Stevenson_nz

    you are the man chris… been tryin all day to fix this problem.. bugger all that ssh bulls_it
    thanks heaps brother

  • Lacy121

    I have the same problem :
    tell me if you get a fix

  • Bman

    Not sure where I read this but;
    Apparently Cydia is configured to exit if no interweb connection is found (this includes when the unstable Cydia server times out etc!)…
    So if your Cydia tries to load and then quits, especially if it has worked previously, it MAY be the fact that the Cydia server is down or temporarily unresponsive!
    This was what was happening for me and, 2 jailbreak software versions later and multiple itunes firmware restores plus a brick event, I worked this out – persist for a while, it MAY pay off.
    Now I’m happily drag and dropping mp3s, wmas etc onto my iphone via dtunes and iphonebrowser. WOOT!!!


  • J-Rawrz

    same thing

  • Phoenix-HR

    UAAAAUUUU MAN!!!! YOU’RE THE BEST!!! I really don’t understand why people bother with all other complex procedures….this worke’d like a charm!!! THANK YOU MAN, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! (I have Iphone 3G os3.1.2)

  • U the best.. i did it by ur way

  • John Ritter33


  • vivek

    ohh thanks man !!

  • john fu